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Chronological Table (Expanded Version)
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Chronological Table

(Expanded Version)

This table gives the complete chronological ordering of Tolkien's stories. If you use the Expanded Version of the Chronological Tolkien system, you will read the stories in the order they are listed in this table.

The numerals i, ii, iii, and iv refer to the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Ages of Middle-earth. Dates in the First Age count from the creation of the sun. Tolkien gives us very little information about how much time passed in the Age of the Lamps and the Age of the Trees!

The page numbers listed here are for the classic Houghton-Mifflin hardcover editions. This is just to give you a sense of the size of each section. To see the exact places each section begins and ends, and for the page numbers of other editions, see the full book editions list.

In this table, the books are referred to by the following abbreviations:

Also, note that the book abbreviations in the table are color-coded. This helps to illustrate the flow of the reading: for example, you can see that the First Age stories are mostly contained in The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and The Children of Húrin, while The Return of the King is the most dominant book towards the end.

This table isn't designed to guide you through the reading process. If you want to read your books using the Chronological Tolkien system, use the Expanded Version Calculator (or the regular Calculator) to customize your individual editions so they can be read chronologically!

AASAinulindale 15-22Creation
SValaquenta 25-32
SQuenta Silmarillion1 - 535-62Age of Lamps to Age of Trees
GIMRLaws & Customs 209-225Age of Trees
PESQuenta Silmarillion663-64
GJMRLaws & Customs 225-227
PFSQuenta Silmarillion6 - 964-90Age of Trees to Age of Darkness
GLMRLaws & Customs 247-251Age of Darkness
PGSQuenta Silmarillion10 - 1791-149Age of Trees to i 425
GMMRLaws & Customs 251-251i 409
GOMRAthrabeth F. & A.Story304-313
GQTale of Adanel345-349
PHSQuenta Silmarillion18 - 20150-188i 455-470
EACNarn i Chin Hurin133-34i 465-472
EB37-51i 469-473
ABSQuenta Silmarillion20188-196i 473
ECCNarn i Chin Hurin362-65
ACSQuenta Silmarillion20197-197
EDCNarn i Chin Hurin466-77i 473-474
DCUNarn I Hin HurinStory74-76i 475-476
EECNarn i Chin Hurin5 - 1080-170i 486-496
DAUOf TuorStory17-25i 473-496
EFCNarn i Chin Hurin11171-178i 496
DDUNarn I Hin HurinAppx155-155
EGCNarn i Chin Hurin11178-181i 496-501
DXUOf TuorStory25-38i 496
EXCNarn i Chin Hurin12 - 18182-257i 496-501
GSWJWanderings of Hurin 252-254i 502
EHCNarn i Chin Hurin18258-259
GVWJWanderings of Hurin 274-297
PJSQuenta Silmarillion22230-237i 502-509
DBUOf TuorStory38-51i 496
AOSQuenta Silmarillion23 - 24240-255i 496 - ii 1
CASRings of Power 285-286ii 1-750
BASAkallabeth 259-261ii 1-32
GWPMEHistory of Akallabeth 144-145ii 32 - 82
PLSAkallabeth 261-263ii 32-751
HAULine of ElrosStory218-219
FAUDescription of IsleStory165-171ii 600
GBUAldarion + ErendisNotes213-214
GAStory173-212ii 725-1098
BBSAkallabeth 263-263
IAUHistory of GaladrielStory234-237ii 750-1400
CBSRings of Power 286-288ii 1200-1693
IBUHistory of GaladrielStory237-239ii 1690's
CCSRings of Power 288-289ii 1693-1701
YARAppendix AIII352-352ii 1701
HBULine of ElrosStory220-221ii 1280-2035
IFUHistory of GaladrielStory246-247ii 1701
IJApp D261-263
GZPMETal-ElmarStory423-437ii 1800s
OAUThe DruedainStory377-384ii + iii (various)
BCSAkallabeth 263-266ii 1873-2221
HCULine of ElrosStory221-221ii 2029-2386
BDSAkallabeth 266-267ii 2221-2600
HDULine of ElrosStory221-222ii 2386-2825
CDSRings of Power 289-290ii 1700-3200
BESAkallabeth 267-270ii 2900's
HEULine of ElrosStory222-224ii 2825-3255
BFSAkallabeth 270-276ii 3262-3300
GDLRThe Lost Roadii57-70ii 3306
PNSAkallabeth 276-282ii 3310-3319
CESRings of Power 290-295ii 3319 - iii 2
JAUGladden FieldsStory271-276iii 2
CFSRings of Power 295-296iii 2 - 900/1226
UARAppendix AI (iii)319-320iii 2 - 900
VAI (iv)324-325iii 2 - 913
OXUThe IstariNotes401-402iii 830 - 913
VXRAppendix AI (iv)325-325iii 913 - 1226
CHSRings of Power 297-299iii 2 - 1050
IIUHistory of GaladrielApp B258-259iii 1050
ODUThe IstariStory392-393
ZARAppendix B3 Age365-366
OBUThe IstariStory388-390
IHUHistory of GaladrielStory248-251
UBRAppendix AI (iii)320-3211300-1409
VBI (iv)325-3281240-1490
UCI (iii)321-3211636
VCI (iv)328-3291634-1810
KAUCirion and Eorli288-2891635
VDRAppendix AI (iv)329-329
KBUCirion and Eorli289-291
VERAppendix AI (iv)329-329
KCUCirion and Eorli291-294
VFRAppendix AI (iv)329-3301851-1935
UDI (iii)321-3231974-1979
VGI (iv)330-3321974-1975
IDUHistory of GaladrielStory243-2441981
CGSRings of Power 296-2971636-2002
VHRAppendix AI (iv)332-3331980-2050
CISRings of Power 299-3002463
VIRAppendix AI (iv)333-3332475
XAII344-3451977 ff.
KDUCirion and Eorlii295-3002489-2510
NFUFords of IsenApp ii369-3711636-2510
JDUGladden FieldsAppx286-287
FDATBPoems1 - 211-23unknown
UERAppendix AI (iii)323-3241980-2747
NGUFords of IsenApp ii371-3732710-2758
XDRAppendix AII349-3492510-2759
NHUFords of IsenApp ii373-3732759
VJRAppendix AI (iv)334-3342758-2763
VKI (iv)334-3342790's-2872
CJSRings of Power 300-3022850-2851
MJUHunt for the Ringiii350-3512851
MI349-3502851 ff.
LBUQuest of EreborAppx328-3292941
YERAppendix AIII358-359
LEUQuest of EreborAppx332-335
PAHThe Hobbit111-31
LFUQuest of EreborAppx335-336
PBHThe Hobbit2 - 932-161
CKSRings of Power 302-302
PCHThe Hobbit10 - 19162-2552941-2942
VLRAppendix AI (iv)335-3352885-2953
OFUThe PalantiriStory403-4051975-2953
WARAppendix AI (v)337-3412929-2951
VMI (iv)335-3362980-2984
WBI (v)341-3422980 (+ 3007)
RAFBook I1 - 229-52
XGRAppendix AII351-3512989-3002
JCUGladden FieldsAppx286-2863002 (+ iv)
VNRAppendix AI (iv)336-3372984-c.3017
MAUHunt for the Ringi337-337Early 3017
MEii342-344Feb 3018
RBFBook I2 - 352-7612 April - June
MBUHunt for the Ringi337-338June
MCi338-339July - Sept
IKUHistory of GaladrielApp D264-2654 July - 24 Oct
MHUHunt for the Ringii347-34820 - 25 Sept
MDi341-34122 - 23 Sept
RCFBook I3 - 1276-227Sept 3018 - Jan 3019
FBook II1 - 4231-324
MGUHunt for the Ringii345-345Jan 3019
RDFBook II4 - 10324-42313 Jan - 26 Feb
SATBook III115-2226 Feb
NAUFords of IsenStory355-35525 Feb
NEApp i367-367
SCTBook III347-6326-29 Feb
SB223-4626-30 Feb
SD464-9029 Feb - 2 Mar
5 - 791-132
NCUFords of IsenStory359-3632 Mar
SETBook III7132-1333 Mar
NDUFords of IsenStory363-364
SFTBook III7 - 11133-2063 - 10 Mar
TBook IV1 - 7209-311
TARBook V1 - 419-986 - 15 Mar
TD6 - 8114-147
SGTBook IV8 - 10312-35210 - 13 Mar
TFRBook VI1 - 2173-19914 - 15 Mar
TERBook V9 - 10148-16916 - 25 Mar
TGRBook VI2 - 3199-22516 Mar - Midyear
4 - 5226-251
ZCRAppendix BGreat Y375-376March
LCUQuest of EreborAppx329-330early July
GRMRMyths TransformedMotives in Sil.394-406early July ??
THRBook VI6 - 9252-311July 3019 - Oct 3021
CLSRings of Power 304-304Sept 3021
OEUThe IstariStory395-396
ZBRAppendix BGreat Y375-375Sept 3021 ff.
ZDLater E377-377iv 1 - 13
GFSDThe EpilogueStory114-133iv 15   (S.R. 1436)
PPRAppendix BLater E378-378iv 15
378-378iv 20 - 21
FCATBPreface 7-9iv (early decades)
FEATBPoems3 - 1624-64
JBUGladden FieldsStory276-277iv 20s
UFRAppendix AI (iii)324-324iv 21-30
XHII351-352iii 3019 - iv 63
ZERAppendix BLater E378-378iv 27 - 63
WCRAppendix AI (v)342-344iv 120
ZFRAppendix BLater E378-378
QDFPrologueNote23-25iv 172
GYPMEThe New ShadowStory410-418iv 220
GCLRThe Lost Roadi36-53A.D. 1900 - 1934
GEiii102-104A.D. 918
GGSDNotion Club PapersForeword155-158A.D. 2014
Members158-160A.D. 1940s or 1986-87
Part 1161-211
GHPart 2222-282A.D. 1940s or 1987
GNMRLaws & Customs 251-252The End of Time


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