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Chronology of Jerry Pournelle's Future History

Timeline of the CoDominium and the Empire of Man

By Larry King (

A few quick notes:

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French Foreign Legion defeated by Mexico at Camerone.    [FL 274]

First World War.

Second World War.

First Cold War between the USA and the USSR begins.

Apollo XI lands on Earth's moon.

Beginnings of detente between the USA and the USSR.

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Beginning of Second Cold War.
[Mercenary ch.4; FL 10, 238]

Hard-line Communist coup fails. Gorbachev deposed. End of the USSR; Yeltsin leader of the Russian Republic.

Economic hardship leads to political and military coups in Russia. Rebirth of the USSR. Third Cold War begins.
[PS 1; WWCD 302; Hand 291]

Riot Act passed in the USA: police given broad powers to quell disturbances.    [PM 30]

"The Lost and the Founder" (WWCD 1-6 = WWD 13-16).
Garner "Bill" Castell founds the Church of New Universal Harmony.
[Also WWCD 49-52; date from WWCD 54, WWD 13.]

By the year 2000
The USA and USSR combine to form the CoDominium. In a series of treaties, the two super-powers create a supra-national entity, known as the "CoDominium", or "CD". The United States and the Soviet Union surrender control of their foreign policy to the CD, while retaining separate control over their domestic affairs. This alliance ends the Third Cold War, and allows the USA and the USSR to jointly dominate Earth, curtailing the power of the "non-aligned nations". The CD enforces a ban on military research and development and curtails the spread of nuclear weapons throughout the globe. Nationalist sentiment in the rest of the world is naturally resentful of the CD, but most countries quickly realize that the superpower alliance is too strong for any serious resistance to be possible.
[Originally set for "1990" in West of Honor, Mercenary, KDS, Mote, and WWI timelines. Pushed back to "1990-2000" in FL timeline, GTS 1, and PS 1-2.]

By the year 2000
The French Foreign Legion (Légion Étrangère) chooses to join with the CoDominium, and forms the nucleus of the new CoDominium Armed Services.
[Originally set for "1996" in West of Honor, Mercenary, and FL timelines.]

Other mercenary units, including the Cossack Adventurers and the Cameron Highlanders, are later absorbed into the CD Armed Services.    [FL 206]

Around the year 2000
Parts of northern Mexico annexed to the USA, either by force or by some political deal.
[PS 288. If by force, must be before 2009.]

Charles Castell, son of Garner "Bill" Castell, is born.
[WWTO timeline.]

Between 2004 and 2008
Scientists at Caltech develop the Alderson Drive. This interstellar space drive is based on the discovery that instantaneous travel is possible between any two "adjacent" stars, if a ship is located at the correct "Alderson Point". Thus the problem of travel between star systems is reduced to the problem of travel within star systems.
[West of Honor, Mercenary, FL timelines give "2004"; Mote, KDS, WWI give "2008", and PS 2 gives "2010".]

Maitreya born in Tibet.
[WWIII 103]

Ban on military research expands to a ban on some quasi-military research.
[West of Honor timeline]

First exploratory ships leave the solar system.
[All timelines]

Last Arab-Israeli War. Much of Syria is annexed to "Northern Israel". After this conflict, the CoDominium forbids all national wars. Beginning of nearly a century of CD-enforced peace on Earth.
[GTS 28, 38, 174]

CoDominium Intelligence Services engage in serious effort to suppress all research into technologies with military applications. "Green" and "Zero-Growth" organizations endorse this ban. Scientific publications are censored, and all scientists must be licensed by the CD (even those not in the USA or the USSR). Within a few decades, most scientific research comes to a halt, and computer databases of scientific information are deliberately corrupted with false data. (Medical research is not restricted, however.)
[Timelines; PS 40; WWCD 5-6]

Discovery of inhabitable planets outside the solar system. The first "Grand Survey" turns up a number of pleasant planets. (The planet later known as "Sparta" is discovered by the CDESS Lewis and Clark in 2010.) Beginnings of commercial exploitation. Some not-so-inhabitable planets are seeded with terraforming packages.
[Timelines; GTS 149]

John Rogers Grant, Sr., born. (His brother, Martin Grant, may be older or younger.)
[FL 220. For dates between 2015 and 2087 marked with asterisks, see Falkenberg Ambiguities.]

2015 or 2020
First interstellar colonies are founded.
["2020" in all timelines; "2015" in PS 2.]

The CoDominium Space Navy and Marines – the "Fleet" – is created. It absorbs the original CD Armed Services.
[Mercenary and FL timelines. West of Honor and WWIV timelines have Fleet creation "2020" and absorbtion of CDAS "2031".]

The "Great Exodus" begins. Many interstellar colonies are founded. All are to some degree under the CD's authority. Many are specifically American or Soviet colonies. Some of the most pleasant colonies are sponsored by Earth nations: Meiji (Japan), Churchill (Britain), Xanadu (China), Dayan (Israel), and Friedland (Germany). A larger number of colonies are founded by religious separatists, ethnic separatists, pioneers, or Greens. And large corporations sponsor several mining colonies on less pleasant but mineral-rich planets.
[Timelines say "2020", but PS 2 says "2015".]

Around the year 2020
Reunification of Christianity by Pope John XXVI. (Some churches do not participate in this reunion, including some conservative Catholics from Spain who emigrate to Santiago on Thurstone, and those Presbyterians who settle on Covenant.)
[PM 143. This event spurred the Carlists to settle in Santiago, and this took place forty years plus two generations prior to 2079/80*, according to PM 143-4. However, this reunification isn't mentioned in any of the other stories – in fact, it isn't until the Second Empire era that the Church is mentioned with any frequency.]

The U.S. Government begins gathering the jobless in the inner cities and relocating them to "Welfare Islands": government-funded neighborhoods which keep them far from the "law-abiding taxpayers". These people are given the prestigious title of "Citizen", and granted the right to live on Welfare indefinitely. They may leave and acquire "taxpayer" status by work and education, or they may volunteer to settle on other planets, but most simply remain in the Welfare Islands.
[FL 222; PS 33]

2020's and 2030's
The "Greens" are in their ascendancy. Restrictions on fur industries. Colonies are seeded with whatever Earth animals can live on them. Some animals become extinct once humans cease cultivating them for their fur.
[GTS 133, 150]

Arrarat:    American Express sells Arrarat to the World Federation of Churches, who colonize there. But soon after, Kennicott Metals starts mining asteroids in Arrarat system, and miners begin carousing in Harmony City.    [FL 55-56]

The planet later called "Sparta":    CD research station established. (Fort Tanner, a military base, is added in 2030.)
[GTS 150; PS 241]

The ACLU, the Sierra Club, and various zero-population groups create the Humanity League.
[WWTO timeline.]

Sergei Lermontov is born in Moscow.

Early 2030's
Hadley:    AmEx founds a mining colony and Refuge City. The mines are so profitable that within twenty years AmEx recoups its investment.
[FL 249-250]

Early 2030's
Convicted felons beome the first involuntary colonists. The CD's "Bureau of Corrections" (BuCorrect) supervises the forced emigration. Target planets include Arrarat, Botany Bay (the planet later known as Sparta), and almost certainly Tanith.
[FL 57; GTS 150; PS 2]

"Discovery" (WWI 1-5 only = WWD 17-23 only.).
The CDSS Ranger discovers Byers' Star and the moon Haven.
[Also WWI 9-10; WWCD 7-8, 52-53; WWD 17; WWCD and WWTO timelines.]

"Discovery" (WWI 6-8 only = WWD 24-27 only) and "The Garden Spot" (WWD 28-29 only).
Luna Base and Wayforth Station:    Legal disputes over the rights to Haven.

"The Garden Spot" (WWCD 7-48 = WWD 29-63 only.).
Exploratory mission to Haven.

The Constitutionalist Society, a group of intellectuals led by nonconformist American college professors, is granted the right to settle on "Botany Bay" and run it according to their ideas so long as they continue to accept involuntary colonists. (The Society includes Dr. Collins, Dr. Elliot Croser of Berkeley, and married economists Dr. & Dr. Freedman of Columbia University and the CoDominium University in Rome.)
[GTS 61, 79]

Lawsuit over Haven resolved. Castell's "Church of New Universal Harmony" buys settlement rights to Haven. Bill Castell dies.
[WWCD 53-54; WWI 7-8, 10; WWCD timeline.]

The Constitutionalist Society founds a colony on "Botany Bay", and renames it "Sparta".
["2040" in WWI timeline; "2038" in GTS 150.]

Avery Landyn, a survey pilot for 3M, discovers a planet rich in heavy and radioactive metals. He names it "Sauron".
[WWII and WWIV timelines. Texts vary on whether the Tolkien reference was intentional on Landyn's part.]

From 2038 to 2040
"In Concert" (WWCD 55-109 = WWD 67-114).
Haven:    Charles Castell and a small group of church members found the first Haven settlement. They are followed by more "Harmonies" and several thousand miners.
[WWD 67; also WWI 10-11; WWCD timeline.]

Sparta:    The CD grants Sparta internal self-government. This government, echoing its ancient namesake, involves a dual monarchy and a Senate; the first two Kings are Prof. Collins and Prof. Freedman. Royal University founded.
[GTS 150, 191]

"Phase Two of the Great Exodus". The CD Bureau of Relocations (BuRelock) begins large-scale deportation of involuntary colonists. Political undesirables and unlicensed scientists are included, but criminals remain the bulk of the transportees. This often means that a large number of dangerous convicts are suddenly added to a peaceful agricultural planet.
["2040" in all timelines and PS 2. "2035" in WWCD 22-23 is too early.]

Colonization of St Ekaterina by Russian nationalists.
[Timelines; PS 2]

2041 ?
Haven:    First BuRelock transportee convicts arrive.
["2040" in WWI, WWII timelines, but Haven is a years' journey from Earth, so it must be 2041 or later.]

"The Shimmer Stone Scam" (WWD 115-124).
Haven:    Edwin Albert Hamilton negotiates with Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson, CEO of Dover Minerals, for the rights to shimmer stones on Haven. The existence of these gems is kept secret by both parties.
[Per WWD 123, Thomas' uncle Adrian Bronson is already serving as a CoDominium Grand Senator by this time.]

Sauron colony fails, due to deadly native plant life and the soil's inhospitability to Earth agriculture. 3M sells Sauron to a coalition of English Separatists from Quebec and South African white expatriates living in Canada and Australia.
[WWIV timeline]

John Christian Falkenberg III is born, son of a professor at the CD University in Rome. (Martin Grant is a student of Professor Falkenberg around this time.)


The CoDominium rules dozens of worlds but rests on an unstable alliance back on Earth. The Soviet Union and the United States retain approximately their twentieth-century structures, but with a much greater level of corruption. The CD's military force continues to ruthlessly enforce world peace.

In the USA, the Republican and Democratic parties have fused into the "Unity Party" which espouses the CD platform. American society has become a two-caste system: the productive, educated, and privileged "taxpayers" hand out benefits (but not real power) to the welfare-dependent "Citizens".

The political situation in the USSR is chaotic. The Communist Party continues to be the upper-class, but now devoid of any ideology – dogmatic Marxism exists only in Western universities. It is unclear whether the symbols of pre-1917 Russia are ever in vogue. Around 2040 (during Lermontov's youth) the military briefly rules the USSR (At some point the East Prussian city of Kaliningrad returns to its German name of Koenigsberg: why?) It is likely that St Ekaterina is founded by involuntary Russian colonists, but this is not stated. It should be noted that there is no explicit mention of voluntary Soviet colonists on any planet! [FL 215; GTS 71.]

In countries other than the USA and the USSR, the CoDominium is resented but not resisted. It does manage to prevent the use of nuclear weapons almost completely – although Bakersfield is nuked by a militant group and Seattle is held ransom by nuclear-equipped criminals. [FL 230; PS 320.]

The CD itself is governed by the Grand Senate located underground on the moon (Luna). The Fleet – the CD Space Navy and Marines – has complete control of nuclear weapons and space weapons, and effective veto power over all human military actions. The Fleet includes:

The Grand Admiral of the Fleet commands from the moon and worries about the preservation of the human race and the safety of the colony worlds. Meanwhile, most Grand Senators angle to maximize their profits from the colonies.

By 2050, there are over 40 human colonies (not counting fuel stops and asteroid mines). Many human colonies now have limited self-government, but all remain subject to CD rule. Voluntary emigration levels off as the hardships of frontier life become more well-known. Some ethnic and separatist groups are "encouraged" to emigrate: this includes Eskimos, Inuits, Black Separatists, Mormons from the USA, and Finns and Russian Nationalists from the USSR. And after 2040, forced emigration of convicts and "undesirables" eventually reaches 15 million persons per year. Only a handful of colonies become truly pleasant places to live (usually those planets which were settled and subsidized by parent nations on Earth). [FL 302; PS 2; WWCD 111; WWD 119, 173.]

"26th CoDominum Line Regiment" (WWTO 11-14).
Haven:    Haven: The 26th Marines, Company C, 3rd Battalion is sent to Haven to prevent criminal gangs from dominating the colony.
[WWTO timeline.]

"Nothing In Common" (WWD 125-163).
Haven:    Jack Bronstein tries to organize the laborers working for Kennicott Metals on Haven.

Late 2044
Haven:    Wilgar Castell, son of Charles and Saral Castell, is born.
[WWTO 130 gives his age as 13 in 2057, while WWTO 134, 151 say 13 in 2058.]

"Hell's-a-Comin'" (WWD 164-180).
Haven:    Kennicott Metals attacks the union organizers.

"Counterpoint" (WWD 181-182 only).
"Great Lakes Iron Revolt": massive strike in the Midwest. Two hundred iron miners exiled to Haven.
[WWD 181, 326; WWI 10; WWII timeline]

"Counterpoint" (WWD 183-225 only).
Haven:    When the exiled miners arrive, they refuse to live in Castell City because of its religious atmosphere, and found the city of "Hell's A-Comin'".
[WWD 183; WWI 10; WWII timeline]

c 2047
"Astronomy Lesson" (WWD 226-228).
Haven:    Astonomy lecture in Castell City.

2047 to 2048
"On Jordan's Stormy Banks" (WWD 229-262).
Earth and Haven:    Sergei Pulatov is sent to Haven to investigate rumors of valuable gems. Despite his employer's desires, the existence of shimmer stones remains secret.

Haven:    CD appoints a Consul General to oversee mass involuntary colonization. "Harmonies" and miners revolt. A battalion of CD Marines suppress revolt; Rev. Charles Castell and Hell's-A-Comin' Mayor Fineal Naha hanged. Codominium naval bases established.
[WWI 11; WWI, WWII timelines.]

CD begins a policy of unrestricted migration between Earth nations.    [CDWW 183]

Late 2040's ?
Arrarat    Kennicott Metals complains to the Grand Senate that violent transportees are disrupting mining operations. CD Governor appointed to Arrarat. Marines build the walled town of "Garrison" next to Harmony City, with the miners inside, and the criminal gangs outside in the farmlands. Then Kennicott finds richer mines elsewhere and loses interest in Arrarat.    [FL 57]

Haven:    The existence of shimmer stones becomes public knowledge, leading to a new influx of miners and a "rush" on these gems.
[WWD 328; WWI 11; WWTO 310; WWI, WWII, WWTO timelines.]

China exiles Tibetan Buddhists loyal to the Maitreya to Haven.
[WWIII 107]

Early 2050's ?
Martin Grant elected to the Grand Senate. He is a strong supporter of the Codominium.    [FL 7]

"Down the Rabid Hole" (WWD 378-380 only).
Haven:    Kennicott Metals explores a deep pit on Haven's Eastern Continent, naming it the "Rabbit Hole", and later the "Rabid Hole". An attack by young stobors kills all the humans in the pit except those deeper than three kilometers.
[The entire story is given on WWD 370-383; part of this is a framing story set in 2056-57.]

"Janesfort War" prologue and story (WWCD 110-182 = WWD 263-325).
Luna Base and Haven:    Grand Senator Adrian Bronson (who controls Dover Mineral Development) and Grand Senator Gordon DeSilva (who controls Kennicott Metals) reach an "uneasy truce", agreeing to cooperate to keep CD Marines off non-CD colonies, and thus allow more freedom for their mining companies. The CD Bureau of Intelligence sends agent Maxwell Cole to meddle in Haven's local politics. His attempt to instigate a revolt fails, and his pawn Jomo is killed.
[Date from WWD 263, 266; also see WWCD 117; WWTO timeline. Note that in the original version of "Janesfort War", Kennicott was incorrectly referred to as a Bronson company (WWCD 112); this has been corrected in the reprint (WWD 265).] [Indeed, it was corrected in WWDms 337 = WWD 265.]

"To Win the Peace" (WWTO 15-85 only).
Haven:    Kennicott Metals, which has established an uneasy truce with Bronson's company Dover Minerals and with Anaconda Mining, continues its efforts to dominate Haven. Maxwell Cole's subordinate Van Damm betrays Cole and allies with Leo Makhno.

"Steppe Stone" (WWD 347-369).
Earth and Haven:    Cholony Chuluun and Tuya immigrate to Haven to become miners. Chuluun leads a number of Mongolian immigrants to leave the Anaconda Mining camp and start a new life on the steppes of Haven.

"Last Chance" (WWD 329-346 only).
Haven:    Jonnie Johnston and his group of miners encounter difficulties mining on Haven.

"To Win the Peace" (WWTO 86-89 only).
Luna Base:    Grand Senator Adrian Bronson demotes his nephew, Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson, from Dover Minerals CEO, and sends him to Haven to address the unrest there, in hope of re-establishing the shimmer-stone monopoly once held by Dover. He designates his son Adrian Bronson, Jr., as the new Dover CEO, with the intention that once he himself reaches the maximum number of terms permitted to a Grand Senator, his son will succeed him in this position.

c 2056
Haven:    The survivors of the Rabid Hole cataclysm emerge to the surface.
[Per WWD 383 and 386, the cataclysm occurred in the Winter, and the emergence in the following Spring. Taking Haven's year to be 7.7 Earth years in length (see Haven Ambiguities), the gap between these events is about two Earth years.]

"Down the Rabid Hole" (WWD 370-378, 380-383 only).
Haven:    Depositions and interrogations are held regarding the incident in 2046 in the "Rabid Hole".

c 2057
John Christian Falkenberg III hangs out in Rome with Bonnie Dalrymple.    [FL 16]

"The Raid on Purity" (WWTO 90-115).
Haven:    Chuluun, now "Khan of the Free Tribes of the Steppes", allies with a nearby American settlement ("Independence") to execute a raid on a Dover Mining town in the Shangri-La Valley. His wife Tuya gives birth to Bataar.

"Marching on Poland" (WWTO 116-128).
Haven:    Ten thousand new transportees are settled on Haven. Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson arrives in the Haven system.

"Enough Rope" (WWTO 129-132 only).
Haven:    Thirteen-year-old Wilgar Castell begins to organize discontents in Castell City.

"Enough Rope" (WWTO 133-210 only).
Haven:    Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson arrives to promote Dover Minerals' interest, with a small regiment from the 77th CD Marines. Harmony charter is revoked. Haven becomes a "full CoDominium member", and a consul-general will "soon" be sent. In the meantime, Bronson is named the interim colonial governor. Cole and Charles Castell executed. A CD naval base is established by the Marines.

Haven:    The newly arrived Marines establish Fort Kursk.
[WWII timeline]

June:    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, prologue.   (Mercenary prologue.)
Falkenberg, age 15, enters the CD Naval Academy.    [FL 2, 43]

2058 to c. 2060
Haven:    The first couple years after the CD governor is appointed are a "troubled" time.
[WWTO 237.]

Late 2050's ?
Arrarat:    Grand Senator Adrian Bronson's company, Dover Mineral Development, discovers new ores. They try to bypass Kennicott Metals and American Express by buying mineral rights from farmers, but farmers will not sell. Planetary Governor Hugo Swale begins recognizing gangs of transportee convicts as governments so they can authorize mining operations.    [FL 196]

Around 2060
Nationalism begins to heighten all over the Earth. The long peace which has been preserved by the CoDominium is now taken for granted. Earth's nations (beginning with Japan) begin to chafe under the CD's yoke. In the USA and the USSR, nationalists begin to question the need for the alliance between the two superpowers.
[Timelines, FL 229]

Short on funds, the Codominium begins to abandon its most distant and unprofitable colonies. (Grand Senator Fedrokov's "New Look" policy.)    [GTS 323]

"More Precious Than Rubies" (WWTO 211-230 only ).
Abdullah Hassan is deported to Haven.
[WWII 143-144 similarly refers to many deportations of Arabs. Note that the reference to Bronson's title of "Consul General" (WWTO 228) is an error, since he is still merely the interim governor and will not be promoted to Consul-General until 2066. WWTO 237 gives his correct title of "Governor".]

Falkenberg graduates and becomes a Midshipman in the Navy.
[FL 41 says an Academy stay is 2-3 years.]

"More Precious Than Rubies" (WWTO 230-266 only).
Abdullah Hassan and other deportees are assigned to a Dover Minerals facility. Eventually Abdullah, along with Faryah and Nabil (the children of Tawfiq and A'isha) leaves with Patrick Flynn and head south toward Castell City.

Ace Barton graduates from West Point and enters the CD Fleet.
[First edition of "His Truth Goes Marching On" puts this in 2072; corrected in PM 140.]

Sparta:    "Treaty of Independence". The CoDominium fully recognizes Sparta's government, reduces the military garrison to a skeleton crew, and gives Sparta control of the orbital station Aegis. Around this time, the original two Kings are succeeded by their sons, Alexander Collins and Jason Freedman.    [GTS 323]

c 2062 ?
Bonnie Dalrymple hears John Christian Falkenberg II speak at Princeton.
[JCF III has graduated, but Dalrymple is still in school.]

c 2062/3
Navy Lt. John Christian Falkenberg III is in fight on High Shanghai, in which Midshipman Harold Kewney is killed. Kewney's uncle, Grand Senator Adrian Bronson, demands an investigation. Navy Cmdr. Sergei Lermontov protects Falkenberg, and has him transferred to the Fleet Marines (as either a Lieutenant or a brevet Captain). Falkenberg is subsequently involved in some action on Domingo.
[GTS 26; FL 112. See New Data from The Prince for details on the date.]

c 2063
Sergei Lermontov becomes Captain of the Ajax. Bartholemew Ramsey is in his crew. (About this time, Ramsey marries Barbara Jean Grant, daughter of Senator Martin Grant.)
["Dark Hole" 18 says this was "fifteen years ago", which would put it in 2061, but Lermontov was still a Commander then. So this must have been around 2063, and the "fifteen years" is an approximation.]

"Last Chance" (WWD 326-329 only).
Haven:    A miner tells the story of Jonnie Johnston.

FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 1, Ch 3.   (West of Honor prologue.)
Arrarat:    Convict gangs raid Malcolm farm.

After 17 years of unrestricted migration on Earth, 37 million of the 450 million American residents are foreigners. Balkanization due to low asssimilation rates. One result is an increase in "cultural identity" and segregation among American Indians.
[WWCD 183-5]

Haven:    Sauron agent Larson Voorhees meets Thora at Castell University; Becca Royce is conceived.
[WWTO 427, 429, 431.]

Haven:    After eight years as interim colonial governor, Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson is promoted to Consul-General of Haven.
[He was appointed interim governor in 2058, per WWTO 207. In 2274, he has been Consul-General for "eight years", per WWTO 309.]

c 2066
Some sort of mutiny in an unspecified CD Marine battalion.    [PS 355]

Late 2060's
Many of the more successful colonies begin pushing for greater independence. Dayan, Friedland, Meiji, and Xanadu (and probably Danube) even begin developing small fleets of their own.
[GTS 299, "Dark Hole" 18]

Late 2060's
Sergei Lermontov promoted to "Rear Admiral, Captain of the Fleet." (A very brief tenure as a ship's Captain!) He is stationed at Crucis Sector Headquarters. Falkenberg is transferred to the Line Marines and promoted to Captain (youngest in the fleet). He heads the 501st Battalion.
[FL 43, 125]

c 2069
FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 1, Ch 4-19.   (West of Honor 1-16.)
Arrarat:    Capt. Falkenberg and Lt. Hal Slater lead 501st Battalion in campaigns on Arrarat.

[If Kathryn Malcolm is 19 (FL 126) then it's around 2066-8. If JCF is 26 (FL 44) then it's 2069-70. But Slater just turned 21, which makes this before Sept 2066 (FL 44, PS 18). I originally listed this as "c. 2067"; see New Data from The Prince for details on the date change.]

c 2069
Falkenberg promoted to Major, as adjutant for the 42nd Regular Line Regiment. Falkenberg and Slater head for Kennicott with the 42nd.    [FL 197]

c 2069/70
Kennicott:    Falkenberg and the 42nd begin some sort of military campaign. They ally with a local militia group led by a man named Tobias.
[FL 197, "The Prince" 175-6]

c 2070/1
Kennicott:    Falkenberg marries Grace, daughter of the militia leader Tobias. After a spectacular campaign, the 42nd is victorious, but its colonel is killed. Major Falkenberg assumes command.
["The Prince" 175-6. FL 214 mentions that Bronson was upset about Falkenberg's actions on Kennicott, but no details are given.]

c 2071
Kennicott:    Falkenberg is promoted to Acting Colonel.
["The Prince" 175 says this was "a bit more than a year" after Falkenberg arrived on Kennicott.]

c 2071
THE PRINCE, pp. 174-176.
A coalition in the Grand Senate arranges to have Rear Adm. Lermontov promoted to [Junior] Vice-Admiral, and to have Acting Col. Falkenberg promoted to Colonel. Falkenberg doesn't want to leave his wife, and she won't leave Kennicott. Lermontov persuades Falkenberg to leave Kennicott and continue on as the commander of the 42nd Regular Line Regiment by telling him about a conspiracy involving himself and some members of the Grand Senate.
[See New Data from The Prince for details on the date.]

c 2071
Lermontov is promoted to Junior Vice-Admiral. A luxury liner, en route from Meiji to Earth, vanishes with Barbara Jean Ramsey aboard. Capt. Bartholemew Ramsey turns down promotion to Admiral. Botched CD campaign on Danube.
["Dark Hole" 18 – 5 years before story; also immediately after The Prince 175.]

c 2071
Falkenberg is promoted to Colonel and given permanent control of the 42nd Line Marines. Grace refuses to leave Kennicott and divorces him. Falkenberg begins a series of missions that will soon gain him renown as a great military strategist and also make him known as as Lermontov's protege.
[FL 297, 410, 427; PM 119; GTS 16; "The Prince" 176]

Unrest in Siberia, Turkestan, Khazakstan, Georgia, and Upper Mongolia. The USSR and BuRelock begin massive deportation of Soviet minorities to colony worlds, including Haven.
[WWI 11, timeline; WWCD 189]

"Atalanta" (WWTO 394-398 only).
Luna Base:    The Ministry of Sports discusses what can be done about the dominance of the Olympic Games by natives of Sauron.

Sept:    "The Coming of the Dinneh" prologue (WWCD 183-186 = WWTO 267-269 only).
U.S. Senate committee considers American Indian deportation.

c 2074
Capt. Ramsey takes CDSS Daniel Webster into space. About this time, Senator Martin Grant becomes chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and Adm. Lermontov becomes Vice-Admiral, Commanding, and is stationed on Luna.
["Dark Hole" 16, 20 – 2 years before story.]

"Business As Usual" (WWTO 309-314).
Haven:    Consul-General Thomas Ehrenfeld Bronson continues to promote Dover Minerals' interests on Haven.

From 2074 to 2076
"The Coming of the Dinneh" (WWCD 187-226 = WWTO 270-308 only).
The USA and BuRelock deport the Navajo Tribe (Dinneh) to Haven.
[Also WWI 310-311. The epilogue to the story (WWCD 226 = WWTO 307-308) is set "fourteen winters later", which cannot be correct since that would be 105 Earth years later.]

Around this time the Manitou and the Cree are deported to Haven, but the Inuit avoid the CD by migrating to the northern edge of North America. [WWII 143-144.] The USA and the USSR also deport the ultra-nationalist "Sons of Liberty" and "New Soviet Men" to Haven. [WWBV 284.]

"Pound-Foolish" (WWTO 315-326).
Haven system:    Nadine Przbylski considers a novel deuterium-mining proposal from Paul Nkomu.

c 2076
"He Fell Into a Dark Hole."
Senator Grant and Cmdr. John Grant Jr. attempt to rescue Barbara Jean Ramsey. Bartholemew Ramsey attempts to rescue the Grants.
[I originally listed this as "c. 2078". See New Data from The Prince for details on the date change. Note that John Grant Jr. is commander of the Constellation; by 2081 he is commander of the Saratoga.]

Peter Owensford graduates from West Point. The CD will not take him due to budget cuts, and the US Army will not take him because he is too pro-CD. (He is eventually recruited by the Liberation Party to fight in the Santiago civil war on Thurstone.)
[First edition of "His Truth Goes Marching On" puts this in 2093; corrected in PM 140.]

Sauron becomes a full member of the CoDominium Assembly.
[35 years before 2112, per WWTO 426.]

"Politics of Melos" prologue (WWCD 227-233 = WWTO 327-332).
BuRelock begins a much-needed public relations campaign. [Also see WWI 13-15.] But few can be persuaded that the labor-intensive colonies are "fun". (Migration to the elite colonies is highly restricted.)

"Politics of Melos" (WWCD 234-298 = WWTO 333-393).
Professor Wyn Baker deported to Haven, where she meets Richard DeSilva of Kennicott Metals.
[Story begins in 2078; she spents one year on Earth (WWTO 333) and then a one-year journey to Haven. Note that in the original version of "The Politics of Melos", she met Thomas Bronson (WWCD 294); this has been corrected to Richard DeSilva in the reprint (WWTO 390).]

THE 2070's AND 2080's:

A tremendous increase in nationalism in all countries. Outside the USA and the USSR, this involves outright hatred of CoDominium. In the USA and the USSR, this means a revival of the 20th Century rivalry and demands that the superpower alliance be dissolved. The American and Soviet governments continue to support the CD, but compromise with nationalists by slashing the CD budget repeatedly.

The Unity Party, formed by the merger of the Democratic and Republican parties, has ruled the USA for many decades, and its loyalists are convinced that only the CD stands between mankind and nuclear war. But its power is waning; President Lipscomb maintains his power through blatantly dishonest methods. The "Green" environmentalists have lost much of their power [GTS 51]. The welfare-dependent "Citizens" are freely supplied with the Tanith-grown drug "borloi" to keep them passive. Peace is no longer a novelty. New political factions begin to grow:

The situation in the USA seems typical: very few true democracies still exist on Earth. [PS 83.]

In the USSR, anti-CD sentiment takes two main forms. One is the revival of hard-line Communism, led by Kaslov. The other is the Pamyat movement, which advocates a return to pre-Soviet Russian nationalism. [FL 213; WWCD 300.]

CoDominium Space is now 200 light-years in maximum diameter and contains 70 inhabited worlds. [These numbers are given on FL 297. GTS 248 counts "more than 100" human colonies, while PS 2 counts "more than 130" and the Mote prologue claims "200" by the end of the century. And New Washington is 320 light-years from Earth, per FL 432.] But as the CD weakens, it abandons worlds far from Earth or minor in economic value. It maintains Tanith and Fulson's World as common destinations for exiled convicts, and Haven as the main dumping ground for "undesirables" of every sort.

Science on Earth remains at a standstill (except for medical science, which develops sophisticated regeneration techniques). The main scientific marvels of this century are the Alderson Drive and advanced materials such as Nemourlon. However, scientific reserach is being quiely revived on Meiji, Xanadu, and Sparta. [GTS 97, 316, 335; PS 40. For technical details on the Drive, see "Building the Mote in God's Eye" 125-128 and "Dark Hole" 23-25. Despite Horvath's statement in the prologue to Mote, the Langston Field does not seem to exist in the 21st Century.]

The strongest planets are becoming independent and establishing their own spheres of influence. Planets which possess their own space navies include Xanadu (by 2082), Danube (by 2082), Friedland (by 2087), Meiji (between 2081 and 2087), Dayan (by 2094), and Frystaat (by 2094). Covenant and Churchill may have small fleets as well. These planets are all quite rich and have populations as high as 50 million. [FL 229, 351; PM 143; GTS 20, 55-56, 102, 299.] Many national wars begin to break out on the individual worlds, but the CoDominium still manages to prevent interplanetary wars of conquest.

Unable to use their military for off-planet conquests, some of the worlds (Friedland, Covenant, Xanadu) begin hiring out their national armies as mercenary bands to serve on other planets. This trains their soldiers and raises substantial revenue [FL 348]. As this practice proves successful, truly independent mercenary units begin to appear as well. Through the early 2080's, the badly-enforced "Anti-Mercenary Codes" forbid such groups. Eventually the CD permits mercenary bands but requires the Fleet to enforce the "Laws of War". The Fleet is scrupulous in enforcing these conduct codes, especially in the case of atrocities against CD personnel or Earth corporations. As a result, the successful mercenary groups – the Nouveau Légion Étrangère, Moolman's Commandos, the Katanga Gendarmerie – tend to pride themselves on their precision and on their care in distinguishing combatants from civilians. [FL 205-209, 335-336.] As Earth moves towards nuclear war and the colonies move toward interstellar anarchy, Senator Martin Grant, CIA Director John Grant Sr., Admiral Sergei Lermontov, Dr. Caldwell Whitlock, the Blaine family, and the Leontin family meet to discuss whether the CD is doomed and what might follow its demise. They contact King Alexander Collins of Sparta to discuss possibilities. The date of these discussions is unknown, except that Whitlock was invited around 2075/6. ["Dark Hole" 20; GTS 21; PS 73.]

Sergei Lermontov becomes Grand Admiral of the Fleet. His appointment is sponsored by the Grants, but Senator Bronson votes to confirm him as well.

Thurstone:    Santiago, poorest of the three nations on Thurstone, begins a bloody civil war. The conflict pits the "Dons" (descendants of Spanish Carlist settlers) against the "Republicans" (rebellious BuRelock transportees and their descendants).
[Three years before PM 151.]

May 2081*
FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 1-4.   (Mercenary 1-4.)
Senator Bronson demands that Col. Falkenberg be cashiered. CIA Director John Grant takes extraordinary measures to assure that Unity wins the upcoming American elections and President Lipscomb is re-elected.
[FL 239. See Falkenberg Ambiguities for date; original text of "Mercenary" makes this May 2086.]

2081 (soon afterwards)*
Falkenberg dismissed for technical insubordination under odd circumstances. The entire 42nd Regiment of Line Marines is disbanded shortly thereafter.    [FL 336.]

"Atalanta" (WWTO 399-403 only).
Haven:    Fifteen-year-old Becca Royce is recruited to play in the Olympic Games.

"Atalanta" (WWTO 404-425 only).
Becca Royce excels during the Olympic Games. During this year, Mikhail Utkin is the Supreme Chairman of the CoDominium Council, Sergei Yevgenievich Volkov is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Reformed Soviet Union, and John Holt is the President of the United States.
[Note: If the date of 2081 for the re-election of President Lipscomb is correct (see Falkenberg Ambiguities for details), then Lipscomb must have died or resigned after his re-election, and John Holt must be his successor.]

Spring 2082*
FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 5-11.   (Mercenary 5-11.)
Hadley:    Falkenberg and a large fraction of the former 42nd Regiment arrive on Hadley (April). CoDominium withdraws from Hadley (May). Public debut of Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion: his 500 ex-Marines are expanded to a Legion of around 1200 upon departure from Hadley. (FL 336 says a "large proportion" of the 42nd joins Falkenberg, but FL 310 says "only one battalion".)
[FL 274, 323. Original text of "Mercenary" makes this Spring 2087; see Falkenberg Ambiguities.]

Late 2082*
PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 12-14.   ("His Truth Goes Marching On.")
Thurstone:    Santiago civil war continues. "Dons" hire mercenaries from Friedland. Liberation Party organizes volunteers from Earth and Churchill, and hires technicians from Xanadu, to aid the "Republicans". Peter Owensford and Ace Barton fight for the Republicans in a brief campaign.
[PM 171, 137, and GTS 153 make this 12 years before the Tanith campaign.]

After the campaign, Owensford and Barton join Falkenberg's Legion, which has a recruiter on Thurstone.
[Note: It never stated that Falkenberg's Legion is involved in the civil war. It is equally possible that they have recruiters on many planets, or that they are on Thurstone to purchase rifles from the city of New Aberdeen. It is stated that the Legion was involved in some military action in one of the nations of Thurstone during the next decade. GTS 11; PM 170.]

Between Late 2082 and Late 2093
Falkenberg's Legion carries out missions on at least five different worlds, most of which have been abandoned by the CD. Among these are Thurstone (see note above), Makassar, and Haven. Meanwhile, the wives and other dependents of the Legionnaires live on a succession of neutral planets.
[FL 310, 337; GTS 11; PS 128. Haven is still in the CD at this time, per WWCD 393.]

2080's ?
A few eccentric groups voluntarily emigrate to Haven. A colony of "Neo-Libertarians and Royalists" from Northern Europe settles on some of Haven's islands, far from the main continent. And Edwin Hamilton builds "Whitehall Castle" in the Shangri-La Valley; apparently Falkenberg's Legion was at this castle at some point in time.
[WWIII 133; WWI 119, 139]

Skida "Skilly" Thibodeau, age 22, is convicted of various offenses in Belize and exiled to Sparta.    [PS 76]

2080's ?
"Hang Together" prologue and story (WWCD 299-332).
Soviet bureaucrats continue to deport undesirables (including "Pamyat" nationalists) to Haven. (Also around this time, colonies of Russian religious dissidents and Finns are sent to the same region of Haven.)
[Also WWIV 24-25]

2080's ?
"Sons of Hawaii" prologue and story (WWCD 333-366).
Tim and Kyle Eng agitate for Hawaiian independence under a libertarian government. They are deported to Haven.

2080's ?
"Dream Valley" (WWI 16-41).
Haven:    A group of Balt slaves escape their Tartar master.

Mid or Late 2080's
Haven:    The "Shimmerstone Revolt". The Haven Gem Consortium's monopoly broken. Bandit "free corps", often led by mercenary deserters, spring up in mining regions of Haven and seize shimmerstone shipments. Several years of fighting ensue. Xanadu and perhaps Sauron are covertly behind some of these gangs.
[WWCD 368.]

Capt. Ace Barton's five-year hitch in Falkenberg's Legion expires. He leaves and forms his own mercenary band, "Barton's Bulldogs", more commonly known as "Barton's Bastards".
[PM 102, GTS 43, 59-60]

Sometime in late 2080's ?
The faction led by the Grant family and the Blaine family somehow loses power. Possibly this means the Unity Party loses an election; more likely it means Adrian Bronson's faction of Unity achieves dominance over Martin Grant's. The Grants, the Blaines, and Sergei Lermontov are unable to continue giving favors to Sparta. More cuts in the CD Fleet budget. Admiral Lermontov begins to rely on drug money from Tanith to fund the Fleet. He continues to covertly fund Falkenberg's Legion. Carleton Blaine arranges to become Governor of Tanith.
[FL 338; PS 74]

c 2088 ?
"The Toymaker and the General" prologue and story (WWI 42-53).
Haven:    A clandestine installation led by "the General" engages in high-tech military research, including the creation of cyborgs.
[Assuming the "General" in "Fire and Ice" is the same person, he is deceiving the Toymaker when he claims to be working for the CD; per WWCD 391-2 he is working for Sauron. But also see WWI 366, which seems to suggest that this really is a CD installation.]

Oct:    "Fire and Ice" prologue (WWCD 367-369).
Haven:    Consul-General of Haven complains of the CD's unwillingness to suppress the bandit free corps.

c 2089
"Fire and Ice" (WWCD 370-392).
Haven:    A new high-tech military project led by "the General" goes awry. (This project is being run by Sauron, and the CD knows nothing of it.)

c 2089
The leaders of the planet Sauron are contemplating a confrontation with the CoDominium.
[WWCD 391-2]

Franklin, an independent colony world, refuses to grant independence to its sister-planet New Washington. New Washington begins a two-year war for independence.    [FL 348-9]

Alexander of Sparta and Admiral Lermontov discuss Sparta as a possible home for Falkenberg's Legion.    [PM 96-98]

June:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 3-4.   (Silent Leges 1-2.)
Mark Fuller arrested at L.A. University. Trip to Tanith (one month journey).
[For travel times, see Star Map.]

July to Nov:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 5-6.   (Silent Leges 3-4.)
Tanith, spring and early summer:    Working the fields.

Late in year:
New Washington:    After two years, the war for independence from Franklin is going well. Then Franklin hires mercenaries from Friedland and Covenant; New Washington's rebellion is crushed in three weeks. Franklin begins a blockade of New Washington and contemplates further conquests. The remaining Washington rebels decide to contact Falkenberg's Legion for help.
[FL 349-351]

Sparta:    King Alexander has second thoughts about his plans for Lermontov and Falkenberg. Prince Lysander leaves for Tanith (five month journey).    [PM 97]

c. Jan:
Tanith:    Barton's Bastards arrive to help the borloi planters' rebellion. Falkenberg's Legion arrives to help Governor Blaine suppress the rebellion. The Grand Senate objects to mercenary intervention on on a CoDominium planet, but Admiral Lermontov points out that he has no funds for a CD intervention.
[PM 21, 79, 91; FL 337]

Feb to early April:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 7.   (Silent Leges 5.)
Tanith, late summer to harvest:    Working the fields.

Mid-April:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 1-2, 8.
Tanith:    Lysander arrives. He meets Ursula Gordon, Gov. Blaine, and Col. Falkenberg.

Late April to Early May:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 9-10.   (Silent Leges 6-7.)
Tanith, autumn:    Fuller in Free State for ten days. Raid.

Mid-May:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 11, 14(end), 15-20.
Tanith, autumn:    Parties, plans, and scouting. Falkenberg receives a request for aid from New Washington and sends a reply.
[PM 174, 195]

Late May:    PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, Ch 21-28.
Tanith, autumn:    Campaign against rebel planters.

Early June:
Tanith:    Barton's Bastards absorbed into Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion, bringing its size to around 4400 soldiers.    [GTS 11]

June:    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 12.   (Mercenary 12.)
Luna:    Lermontov and Martin Grant learn of Tanith campaign.

New Washington:    Falkenberg's reply received. Howard Bannister heads for Tanith (4 month journey) while Glenda Ruth Horton organizes ranchers.

c. July:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS One pp. 22-28.
Earth:    Senator Bronson and Geoffrey Niles lay plans.

July:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS One pp. 8-12, 14-21; Two pp. 38-47.
Tanith:    Peter Owensford promoted to Major, commanding 5th Battalion of Falkenberg's Legion. The batallion departs for Sparta (5 month journey).

c. Oct:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS One pp. 12-14, 28-34; Two pp. 47-53.
Sparta:    Skilly Thibodeau leads the Helot terrorist group. (Around this time, Melissa von Alderheim has an altercation with Dion Croser and Skilly.)    [PS 175-6]

Nov or Dec:    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 13-14.   (Mercenary 13-14.)
Tanith:    Bannister arrives and hires remaining four battalions of Falkenberg's Legion. They depart for New Washington (4 month journey).
["Mercenary" gives the year as "2093", but this date was deleted when the story was reprinted in "Falkenberg's Legion". See Falkenberg Ambiguities.]

Late Dec:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS Three; Four pp. 69-88.
Sparta:    5th Brigade arrives on Sparta. First progress report sent to Falkenberg.    [PS 129]

Jan or Feb:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS Four pp. 88-98.
Sparta, autumn:    Niles meets with Skilly.

Sparta, autumn:    Riot in the Spartosky.

Before March:
Earth:    Vice-Admiral Townsend, grandson of Sen. Bronson, continues to undermine Adm. Lermontov's plans. John Grant Sr. dies. Capt. John Grant Jr., commanding CDSN Intrepid, heads for New Washington (timing unknown, but it's after he learns of his father's death.) Unity Party election prospects look grim. Whitlock prepares to leave Earth permanently.
[FL 429; PS 65]

c. March:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS Six - Eight.
Sparta, late autumn:    Dion Croser elected to Sparta Senate. King Alexander's Own Regiment formed.

Sparta, autumn/winter:    Ursula undercover.
[Dates from GTS 205, 256.]

April:    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 15.   (Mercenary 15.)
New Washington:    Falkenberg's Legion lands. Allansport secured. Falkenberg receives Owensford's 12/94 progress report, and sends his own (which is apparently garbled in transmission, confusing Allansport with Astoria).
[PS 129-131]

May?:    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 16-21.   (Mercenary 16-21.)
New Washington:    Battle for Astoria. Falkenberg sends another progress report. Campaigns in the north. Return to Allansport.
[In the text, there is no reason to suppose the gap between the first securing of Allansport and the battle for Astoria is much more than the three day sea journey (FL 366). But Karantov claims this communique is "somewhat more recent" than the first one (PS 151). Oddly, Falkenberg seems to have mentioned Glenda Ruth Horton in the message (PS 374).]

June: ?    FALKENBERG'S LEGION, Part 2, Ch 22.   (Mercenary 22.)
New Washington:    John Grant Jr. arrives in the CDSN Intrepid.

July:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS Ten - Fourteen.
Sparta, mid-winter:    "Battle of the Dales".
[PS 96 shows this is not the very end of winter; PS 7, 14 show that it is two months prior to spring. Spartan seasons last an average of 4.75 months.]

Late July:    GO TELL THE SPARTANS Fifteen.
Sparta, winter:    Hal Slater speaks of the need for Empire.

Between July and Nov:
New Washington:    Franklin grants independence to New Washington. John Christian Falkenberg III appointed Protector of New Washington. He sends message to Sergei Lermontov (possibly via John Grant Jr.?).    [PS 374]

Sparta, late winter:    Follow-up campaigns in the Dales. Ursula elopes to Friedland. Around this time, Jason Freedman dies; David Freedman becomes King.
[PS 37, 66, 96]

Sept:    PRINCE OF SPARTA One; Two pp. 30-37.
Sparta, early spring:    Mopping-up operations.
[PS 14, 24]

Oct:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Two pp.38-48; Three pp. 50-54.
Sparta, early spring:    Croser plans referendum.

Oct or Nov:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Three pp. 54-61; Four.
Sparta, spring:    Whitlock arrives from Earth. Referendum begun. Four companies of ex-Helots sent to New Washington.
[Note that Whitlock's comments about New Washington on PS 87 must refer to the parts of that planet already sympathetic to the rebels, since PS 129 makes it clear that there is as yet no news of Falkenberg's campaigns. Also, there is insufficient time for the Helot troops to reach New Washington before the end of "Prince of Sparta", much less send a message back to Owensford. Presumably his comments are in error or refer to their training on Sparta. PS 66, 301.]

Nov or Dec:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Five.
Sparta, spring:    Lysander at Colchis Gap.

Jan:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Six; Seven pp. 166-190.
Sparta, end of spring:    Sabotage of BuRelock ship. Falkenberg's 4/95 message received [PS 129-131]. Col. Boris Karantov takes over orbital station Aegis. Falkenberg's 5/95 message received [PS 151]. Melissa at tank factory.

Jan and Feb:
Earth:    Major budget crisis in USA. Political crisis in USSR. First mutiny breaks out in a CD warship. By February, probably more mutinies, confusion, disinformation. Admiral Lermontov receives Falkenberg's Summer '95 report.
[PS 261, 304]

Late Feb or Early March:
Luna:    Senator Bronson makes speech decrying terrorism on Sparta.
[Dated 17 May 2094 on PS 126, but this contradicts date of council meeting. See Falkenberg Ambiguities.]

Early March:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Seven pp.169-177.
Sparta, early summer :    Referendum complete.
[Voting did not quite take "half a year", as Croser boasts on PS 170.]

Earth and Luna:    Grand Senate dissolved. New elections look unlikely. Rump Senate meets and orders Admiral Lermontov's arrest; Lermontov sends final message. Vice-Admiral Townsend (or General Nguyen?) orders arrest of Falkenberg's troops on Sparta.
[PS 321, 351, 365, 374. Forrest is wrong to interpret this as the "breakup of the CoDominium".]

March:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Eight - Ten.
Sparta, early summer (but still snow in the mountains):    Incident at the Stora Mine.

April:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Eleven - Thirteen.
Sparta, summer:    Meeting of CD officers. Spartan Senate meets (17 April). Attack on Helot base.
[PS 274, 284, 287]

May:    PRINCE OF SPARTA Fourteen - Eighteen.
Sparta, summer:    Battle of Sparta City.

From 2096 to 2103
The CoDominium continues to exist, but its governmental structure is unknown. It is unclear whether new elections for the Grand Senate are held, or whether the "Rump Senate" led by Senator Adrian Bronson is ruling the CD. It is also likely that during this period many Earth nations begin to rebel against the CD.
[PS 365 suggests anarchy on Earth, but WWCD 393 portrays the CD's withdrawal from its last colonies as orderly. It is quite possible that Pournelle plans future writings set in this era. Note that Vice-Adm. Townsend, a Bronson grandson, has descendants who are nobility in the 31st Century: does this hint at a break in Bronson's ranks?]

The planet Sauron evicts its CD garrison and declares independence. It begins to build a space navy.
[WWII, WWIV timelines]

"Farewell to Haven" (WWCD 393-396).
Haven:    The last Consul-General of Haven departs. The CD withdraws from Haven.
[Note that per WWCD 394, the CD Grand Senate still exists (as of 2101).]

The Great Patriotic Wars devastate the Earth, and lead to warfare in the colonies as well. Final collapse of the CoDominium.
[Date in timelines and WWTO 426.]

"Exodus of the Fleet": the former CD Navy abandons Earth and seeks a new home. Russian elements of the Fleet choose St Ekaterina as the home for their dependents.
[Date given in timelines as 2103 (misstated as 2108 in WWTO 427). The exact details are unclear. GTS 299 and PS 72, 97, 377-8 suggest that interstellar war would probably follow the collapse of the CD, but it's not clear if this happens before 2111. Mote 179 suggests that the war might not have started right away.]

"Coronation of Lysander I of Sparta". Royal marriage unites dynasties of Sparta and St Ekaterina.

(This must be the same Lysander as before; he is probably also the "Lysander the Great" of Hand 58, 96. If so, it's unclear what new title or position he is given in this year. Perhaps at this point the dual monarchy of Sparta is abolished; perhaps this refers to his new position as monarch of two planets. Date given in timelines; also see GTS 3-4.)

The former CD Fleet (or at least a large portion of it) swears allegiance to the Spartan monarchy. Beginning of the "Spartan Hegemony".
[All timelines; Mote 77; WWI 128]

Beginning of Formation Wars. Sparta and St Ekaterina begin to expand the "Spartan Hegemony", while other planets increase their spheres of influence as well.
[All timelines]

"Atalanta" (WWTO 426-431 only).
Sauron and Haven:    Larson Voorhees travels from Sauron to Haven to visit his daughter Becca Royce.

Spartan Hegemony dominates large regions of space. Caldwell Whitlock writes his History of Sparta.

[GTS 1-4, 339; PS 255-6, 363; latter two incorrectly say "2220".]


Earth's Great Patriotic Wars of 2103 are brief but devastating. After this point, Earth will never again be a major player in interstellar politics, and for the next thousand years no human planet will ever approach the population of 20th or 21st Century Earth (Mote 245).

The extent of the damage is unclear. WWIII 9 claims this ends all life on Earth, and this is also implied in WWBS 152, but that can't be correct. WWI 65, 227 refer to the "virtual depopulation of Earth". There certainly are a lot of nuclear weapons in use: WWBS 152 describes "cobalt-encased thermonuclear bombs" used to make the planet (or part of it) uninhabitable. Mote 275, WWTO 426, WWIV 146 also refer to nuclear wars; the last of these speaks of the nuclear winter and the "years without summers" which followed. Entire regions become uninhabitable – Afghanistan is annihilated, per WWIII 37 – , and WWTO 427 states that "large portions of the Earth" are now "a poisonous mass grave". Nonetheless, some areas are spared, including Jamaica and the Tyrolean Alps, per Mote 254, 275.

The loss of Earth devastates those colonies which are not self-sufficient. 75% of Haven's population dies, and the inhabitants of the orbital station Ayesha flee to Haven and found the undersea city of Castalia (WWBF 1; WWIV 32, 185-8).

Among the surviving human worlds this is a period of war and interstellar anarchy. The "Spartan Hegemony" manages to protect Sparta from major damage, but is unable to completely protect St Ekaterina; the Russian planet is badly hurt during the Formation Wars (Mote 179).

There are other small empires besides the Spartan Hegemony. The "Republic of Frystaat" controls a small dominion; it later joins the Spartan Hegemony as a semi-autonomous member, and its "Jarnsveld's Jaegers" become the Hegemony's irregular shock troops (WWI 227-8). The "Falkenberg Protectorate" – presumably based on New Washington – is almost certainly allied with Sparta, but remains somewhat separate for a while. Tanith is part of the Falkenberg Protectorate, and is thus shielded from major damage during the Formation Wars (WWII 166).

By the year 2250, the Spartan Hegemony controls all of human space. (WWI 121 refers to "wars with the Outies in the early days of the Empire", but presumably that refers to the pre-2250 period.)

This era sees the revival of aristocracy. The Spartan royal family is at the head of this, but the names Blaine, Barton, and (surprisingly!) Townsend also become marks of nobility. (But despite John Christian Falkenberg III's comments about founding a dynasty, there will be no "Falkenbergs" mentioned in later stories; nor Grants, nor Lermontovs..... nor Bronsons.) The nobility are quite popular in this early era, probably due to their willingness to lead from the front rather than from the rear, and also due to their perceived concern for their subjects. Nine centuries later (Hand 75), Lysander II will be remembered for tearing down the old CD prison in Sparta City and turning it into a park for his people.

Maxroy's Purchase settled by the Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. After transportees are sent to Maxroy's Purchase, a second colony is founded on New Utah.
[Hand timeline. But this date may be an error. Hand 13 refers to the CD (which ended in 2103) and also gives a date of "600 years ago", which would be in the 2440's. It's also unclear if any planets would be exiling criminals in this era; one problem the 2130's should not have is overpopulation!]

Empire of Man proclaimed, with Leonidas I of Sparta as Emperor. (Presumably this event takes place shortly after the Spartan Hegemony completes its conquest of all competing empires and alliances. It's not certain that the entire period from 2111 to 2250 was filled with war, however.)
[Timelines; WWBF 1]

Early 2250's ?
Haven is contacted by the Empire. It is well-organized and self-sufficient by this time, and agrees to join the Empire without coercion.
[WWI 365 says this happened after the founding of the Empire. The WWIII timeline gives a date of 2284, but this contradicts the date of 2258 for founding of the Land Gators. It is also hard to see how it could take the Empire over thirty years to reach Haven, since there is no sign that the Formation Wars destroyed any knowledge on Sparta, and so the Spartans always knew where Haven was; they just wouldn't have bothered to go there during the wars.]

The "Land Gators" (77th Division of Imperial Marines) is commissioned on Haven, with Maj-Gen. Colin Hamilton commanding. It functions as a police garrison and as a reserve unit for the 12th Army.
[WWII timeline, 103; WWI 54]

Prince Samual's World is made a "Member Principality" of the Empire.
[KDS timeline]

From 2290 to 2293
The "Pacification of Manzikert". (The 12th Army and the Land Gators are involved in this conflict.)    [WWI 54]

Sometime in the 2300's
Sauron:    A breeding program is begun, with the goal of creating the "perfect soldier". Eventually, Sauron develops into a militaristic soldier-citizen society, with the "pure-bred" Patriarch as ruler.
[WWI 193; WWII 64. Sauron remains loyal to the Empire in the early stages of this project; it is unclear what the Imperial government thinks of the breeding program` – WWII 9.]

Conflicts between Mongol Haveners and Deccan Muslims within the Grunberg Expeditionary Force lead to the "Mutiny of 2380".    [WWI 278]

The "Golden Fleece War". (The 12th Army and the Land Gators are involved in this conflict.)    [WWI 54]

Early 2400's ?
New Chicago is settled. This is probably the first human settlement beyond the Coal Sack. New Chicago is within the "Russian sphere of influence" and is settled by "North American transportees".
[Hand 138 puts this "well after the formation of the First Empire", but it sounds a bit odd; surely these aren't really transportees from North America itself? It is almost certainly before Murcheson arrives in 2450.]

Sauron:    Creation of "cyborgs" begins. Using the results of the century-old soldier breeding program, Sauron's scientists use gene-splicing to augment the soldiers. Chemical and biological alterations during gestation are then used to create the "perfect soldiers", who will later be known as the "Sauron supermen" or "death's-heads".
["2434" in WWII timeline; "2432" in WWIII timeline. Also see WWI 185-6; Mote 30.]

c 2450
Jasper Murcheson, a relative of Emperor Alexander IV, explores the Trans-Coalsack region. He discovers a red supergiant star (the closest such star to Earth), which will later be known as "Murcheson's Eye".
[Timelines, Mote 33]

Late 2400's and Early 2500's
At the behest of Murcheson, two planets in the New Caledonia system are terraformed. In less than a century, "New Ireland" and "New Scotland" become inhabitable by human settlers.
[Timelines, Mote 33]

Date unknown
"The Field of Double Sowing" prologue (WWII 291-292).
Haven:    The Imperial Zoo tries to collect Haven wildlife.

c 2490
Haven:    Underwater city of Castalia abandoned.
[WWIV 187, 209]


For over three and a half centuries, the Empire of Man rules hundreds of human planets and prevents the outbreak of interstellar war. There are a few minor local wars and rebellions, but the Marines mostly function as planetary police (timelines; WWI 58). The period from 2250 to 2603 is perhaps the longest and most widespread peace in human history.

The exact size of the Empire is not stated. It contains "hundreds of planets" (WWII 35); moreover, since the revived Empire in the early 31st Century does not seem to be settling new planets, we can assume that the First Empire is at least as large as the Second, which is around 1000 light-years in diameter and contains over 400 (and possibly as many as a thousand) human worlds (Mote prologue, 458; Hand 73, 83).

Not much is known about the government of the First Empire, though it may be similar to that of the Second. The Emperor is a descendant of the Collins Kings of Sparta. There is an Imperial Parliament and an Imperial Senate; the latter, at least, does not have representatives from every planet. The armed forces are held in respect, and veterans are given land grants on various planets (KDS 54; WWI 61, 122; WWIII 61, 319).

Despite its Spartan origins, the Empire of Man still retains a number of the characteristics of the CoDominium. Newly-settled planets are divided into American and Russian "spheres of influence", which may merely refer to different internal governmental systems. And unpleasant planets – including Haven – are still used as penal colonies for criminals or other transportees. (These points are only mentioned on WWBV 17 and Hand 138, and this could possibly be an error.) The Imperial standard has an illustration of a Phoenix, but there is no mention of the Eagle-Hammer-Sickle of the CoDominium and the Second Empire (WWIII 319).

The Imperial Orthodox Church – a state-sponsored Christian church – is the official religion of the Empire. However, this fact is only mentioned twice ("Motelight" 122 and WWIV 138), so it is possible that the Church is not as central to the First Empire as it will be to the Second. This church may be the same as the reunified Christian Church led by Pope John XXVI in the 2020's (PM 143). It was probably the monarchy on St Ekaterina that pushed for the idea of an official Church, since it's hard to imagine that Sparta, with its libertarian bent, would have lobbied for an official religion of the Empire! Yet the Church probably makes its home at the city of New Rome on Sparta – as this seems to be the home of the Church in the Second Empire, per Mote 415. In any event, there is complete religious freedom in the Empire. Indeed, some planets have very few members of the established Church – for example, Dayan remains mostly Jewish, Levant mostly Muslim, Covenant mostly Presbyterian, and Sauron mostly atheist. In any event, centuries of peaceful commerce and migration causes the cultures of many planets to blend together (WWI 84).

Science reaches a peak early in the First Empire; by 2350 knowledge of physics reaches a plateau (WWI 83, 85). The Langston Field is discovered accidentally, sometime between 2100 and 2640; by the 2600's entire cities can be covered with Langston Fields (WWII 20, 61; Mote 227; see "Building the Mote in God's Eye" 130 for technical details). Spaceships power their Alderson Drives with deuterium fusion. There are tethers connecting connecting small planets to space stations in geosynchronous orbits which can be used to transfer fuel or personnel. Biology is understood well enough that a computer can design a vaccine and an antidotes for a virus once its genetic structure is read. Other engineering marvels include mono-filament cables, direct-conversion units which draw their power from "the heat in water", guns which can generate contained fusion reactions, food conversion machines, and nearly-indestructible windshields and fabrics. (KDS 245; Mote 28, 468; WWI 66, 82; WWII 171; WWIV 2, 96, 147.)

Sauron:    First all-cyborg brigade formed.
[WWIII timeline]

2594 ?
Emperor David II dies with no heir. This begins a gradually escalating series of struggles and violent revolts. These "succession wars" are the prelude to the Secession Wars    [WWBS 297]

In the Imperial Parliament, a "Coalition of Secession" forms and begins to demand the right to withdraw from the Empire. This coalition is primarily led by Sauron. A series of skirmishes involving secessionist planets take place, but the Empire does not suspect the extent of the threat.
[WWII 10; WWIII 61]

Around 2600 ?
"Brenda" prologue (WWII 166-167).
Bar Lev visits Tanith.

Galen Diettinger, age 16, plans to marry Diana Kirk, but she is killed en route to the wedding.
[WWBS 125 says this was 27 years before 2640, and one month before the attack on St. Ekaterina.]

Sauron launches a sudden and massive attack on St Ekaterina. Around one billion Katerinas perish. Sauron and the Coalition of Secession declare independence. Beginning of the Secession Wars.
[Timelines; Mote 30-31, 179; WWII 35]

c 2610
Saurons continue to attack other worlds, and invade the planet Lavaca.    [WWI 71]

Lavaca:    The elderly Marshal Blaine leads the Imperial forces during the Lavacan Campaign; the Land Gators' Gary Cummings is second in command. During the Battle of Kimi, Adam Soltyk leads the Land Gators in a nuclear offensive. Liberation of Lavaca.
[WWII timeline, 92; WWI 54, 62-4, 122]

From 2614 to 2622
Haven:    The 45th Division is withdrawn from Haven. The Land Gators (77th Division) alternate between off-planet duty and local needs. On Haven, the Land Gators pacify the High Vales, defend Bolkhov, and defend the Orfanians from the Tartarians.
[WWI 56-7, 64, 92. WWI 54 implies the Orfanian campaign is off-planet, but it must be on Haven; see "Dream Valley" and "A Little Beastliness".]

Tanith:    Sauron assault fails.
[Five years before WWBS 12.]

Space battle off Tabletop. Third Imperial Fleet nearly destroyed by Saurons. Sauron nuclear strikes on the ground.
[Timelines; WWIV 128; WWBS 12]

c 2620 ?
Thurstone:    Saurons take the planet Thurstone. The Empire attempts to liberate it, and in the end the planet is "blasted back to the stone age".
[WWBS 13 (misspelled as "Thurston"]

Early 2620's
The war is going badly for the Empire. Jarnsvelt's Jaegers used to suppress rebellions, but planets continue to secede; the Empire is forced to withdraw from undefendable regions.

As interstellar law breaks down, the war becomes three-sided. In addition to the loyal "Imperials" and the Sauron-led "Secessionists", a royal pretender leads a "Claimant" faction.
[WWI 57, 68, 74, 78, 228; 59, 83, 87. The Claimants appear before the First Battle Off Makassar, which is either 2623 or 2637.]

Tanith:    The 77th Division arrives on Tanith.
[Six months before WWBS 12.]

Tanith:    Col. Gary Cummings is reassigned to Haven.    [WWBS 11]

Haven:    Cummings arrives to coordinate the redeployment of the Land Gators. Maj. Adam Soltyk returns to Haven.
[WWIV timeline; WWI 62]

Late 2622 or Early 2623
First Battle Off Makassar. Claimant and Sauron fleets clash. Battle is indecisive, and Imperial fleets fail to arrive in time to join the battle.
["2637" in KDS, WWII, WWIII timelines; but WWI 59 places this just before "Deserter", which can't be later than 2623.]

It is probably around this time that Makassar, a sparsely-settled recreation world, is fortified for war.    [KDS 64]

Early 2623
"The Deserter" (WWI 55-105).
Haven:    Lt. Col. Colin Ravenloe searches for Adam Soltyk. The Land Gators ship out for Friedland. The Governor and all Imperial officials abandon Haven. Col. Cummings retires and is appointed General and Commander-In-Chief of "Haven Volunteers" militia.
[Timelines; WWI 54; WWII 92. WWI 106 makes this pre-May.]

Haven:    Castell City attacked by a pirate ship disguised as a freighter.
[WWIV 10, timeline]

Haven:    Last communication between Shangri-La Valley and South Continent. Non-artificial food becomes scarce; inflation out of control.
[WWI 107, 112-3]

Haven:    Three pirate ships by the name of "the Black Hand" attack Haven. Cummings' "Haven Volunteers" destroy two ships by missile attacks from Fort Kursk. The remaining ship destroys most of Haven's satellite defenses and the Castell City spaceport. Haven is left with two space-worthy ships and no interstellar capability.
[WWIV timeline; WWI 107, 120, 122]

May:    "Rate of Exchange" prologue (WWI 106-108).
Haven:    Haveners begin to realize the Empire won't be returning.

Secession Wars reach Prince Samual's World.
[KDS timeline]

c 2627
First Battle Off Tanith. A costly Imperial victory in the Tanith system. There may be ground fighting as well; the Jarnsvelt's Jaegers and Piet van Reenan fought Saurons in the Tanith jungle around this time. Both Raymond Hamilton and Galen Diettinger (in the Fomoria) are involved in the space battle.
[WWI 54; WWII 6, 11-12; WWIV 326-7, 330. WWI 120 suggests date. Although this is called the "First Battle", there was an earlier one in 2617 per WWBS 12.]

Early 2628
"Rate of Exchange" (WWI 109-143).
Haven:    Police strike in Castell City leads to civil war. David Steele declares himself "King of Haven" and controls the central Shangri-La Valley. Albert, Baron of Greensward, establishes freehold at Whitehall Castle.
[Also WWIV timeline.]

Sometime between 2603 and 2640
(A number of conflicts during the Secession Wars have no dates associated with them. These include a major Sauron attack on Frystaat and the Sauron invasion of Medea. Also during the Secession Wars, New Ireland takes up the rebel cause and begins a two-century war with New Scotland. This last is not necessarily begin before 2640.)
[WWII 207, 233-4; Mote 34]

Bombardment of Prince Samual's World; much heavy industry destroyed.
[KDS timeline]

c 2634
Haven:    Tramp freighter Sintax drops Timothy Ferguson off at Haven.    [WWIV 125]

Haven:    King David Steele is overthrown. Attempts to form a new planetary government fail; anarchy ensues. New nations include the Redfield Satrapy (under Enoch Steele Redfield) and Novy Finlandia.
[WWIV timeline; WWI 152, 162; WWII 100-1]

Haven:    Last visit of an Imperial ship to Byers' System.
[WWIV timeline, 180, 193]

Late 2630's
Sauron is losing the war, but at a terrible cost to the Imperials.

The Saurons have been unable to inspire many allies, and their original partners in the "Coalition of Secession" have proved to be less than helpful. Anti-Sauron propaganda has filled the Empire, and even the human-norm Saurons are seen as monsters. Sauron attacks are being rebuffed, although Imperial counter-strikes are rarely successful either.

The damage to the Empire has been awesome. A dozen of their worlds have been sterilized by the Saurons. The Imperials have been forced to compromise with local secessionists ("Outies") so that they can focus on the Saurons.

Hoping for a route into the heart of the Empire, and needing borloi for its anaesthetic properties on Cyborgs, the Saurons begin probing the Tanith Sector again.
[WWII 4-5, 8-10, 31, 79; WWIII 61]

Sauron invades and captures Meiji. (Meiji is apparently very badly hurt; no more is heard from them for a long time. The Leviathan and the Sauron Second Fleet are in the attack force.)    [WWII 45]

The Strela is rammed in a battle off Kennicott.    [WWII 16]

"The Gift of the Magi" (WWIV 179-188 only).
Ayesha Refueling Station:    Emmanuel Knecht and Owen Trainor advocate relocating to Castalia on Haven.

Piet van Reenan is exiled from Frystaat. He comes to Haven on a merchant ship with a handful of retainers.
[WWIV timeline; WWI 243]

Haven:    Last visit of a merchant ship (a broken-down freighter) to Byers' System.
[WWI 151; WWIV 193]

Revolt on New Hibernia. Half of the Imperial 11th Fleet dispatched to Tanith to pick up reinforcements.
[WWII 45, 71]

Sauron heavy cruiser Fomoria dispatched to Tanith to seize borloi crop. Sauron Second Fleet held in reserve.
[WWII 5, 63]

Severe Sauron reverses (in unstated locations). Sauron First Fleet dispatched to Tanith to secure it as a base for the invasion of Sparta.
[WWII 45-6]

Jan?:    "The Face of the Enemy" (WWII 2-41 only) = BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 1-5:iii.
Fomoria arrives in Tanith system and engages patrol fleet. Vessel First Rank Galen Diettinger interviews Capt. Will Adderly. Small Sauron force lands on planet.

Jan/Feb?:    "The Face of the Enemy" (WWII 42-70 only) = BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 5:iv-8:ii.
Imperial convoy (half of the 11th Fleet) and Sauron Second Fleet arrive in Tanith system. Loyalists give no quarter in battle. Sauron First Fleet arrives and turns the tide. Saurons occupy Tanith.

Two Sauron Soldiers desert and take an escape pod to Tanith. They raid the Curtis farm.    [WWII 186]

Imperial Command orders all available fleets to Tanith system.    [WWII 77]

Feb?:    "The Face of the Enemy" (WWII 70-83 only = BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 8:iii-9).
Several Imperial fleets arrive in system. Fomoria escapes with cargo of borloi. The Second Battle Off Tanith: First and Second Sauron Fleets destroyed. Tanith city and spaceport destroyed. Massive Imperial casualties do not deter them from completely annihilating all Saurons in the Tanith system.
[Also WWIII, WWIV timelines; WWIV 322-3.]

Feb/Mar?:    BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 10-16.
Sauron:    The Fomoria returns to Sauron. Sauron allies arrive.    [WWBS 104]

Sparta:    More pretenders to the throne arise – three new nobles claim to be the rightful Emperor. Senate in turmoil.    [WWII 79]

Mar/Apr?:    BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 17-18.
Sauron:    The Wallenstein arrives. Galen Diettinger becomes dictator of Sauron. Preparations for invasion begin.    [WWBS 157]

Levant liberated from the Saurons.    [WWI 54]

c. May to August:    "Brenda" (WWII 170-2, 176-7, 178-182, 185-7, 190-4, 199-201 only).
Tanith:    Lt. Terry Kakumee, veteran of the Second Battle of Tanith, meets Brenda Curtis.
[Tanith local time Nov 2640A to March 2640B, thus middle of standard 2640.]

The Offensive of 2640. Imperials, flush with victory, drive towards the core of Sauron power.
[WWI 54; WWII 78]

Summer?:    BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 19-20.
Sauron:    Preparations for invasion continue.    [WWBS 179]

c. Oct:    BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 21-30.
The Battle of Sauron. Massed Imperial fleets attack Sauron system. Sauron Home Fleet destroyed. Sauron homeworld assaulted with laser and nuclear bombardment. The damage is so great that the planet's crust cracks and magma is exposed; the oceans boil above the obliterated undersea cities.
[Timelines; WWI 145, 150-1; WWIV 323. Invasion begins on December 1 on the Sauron calendar per WWBS 193.]

BATTLE OF SAURON, Ch. 31; "Some Things Survive" (second half of prologue: WWII 221-3 only); "The Coming of the Eye" prologue (WWI 144).
The Fomoria eludes assualt craft of INSS Centurion and makes a "Random Jump" out of the Sauron system.
[Timelines; WWIV 323; WWI 145. See Haven Ambiguities for comments on the "random jump".]

Autumn?:    "The Boatswain" prologue (WWIV 125-6).
Haven:    Haveners believe the wars are far from their planet.

Late Nov:    "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 145-151, 154-6 only – expanded in BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 292-309, 317-9).
After several Alderson jumps, the Fomoria enters the Byers' System. Vessel First Rank Diettinger and Second Rank Althene choose to hide their ship's Sauron identity by masquerading as pirates, styling their titles after The Lord of the Rings. Fomoria renamed Dol Guldur.
[Also WWIII, WWIV timelines]

Dec 3:    "Introduction" (WWIV 1-13); "The Gift of the Magi" (WWIV 188-198 only); "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 157-9 only – same as BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 322-3).
Fomoria destroys refueling station tethered above Haven's sister-moon Ayesha. A few Ayeshans survive. Sauron fighters begin small raids on Haven.

Dec 4:    "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 151-4, 156-7, 159-178 only – expanded to BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 310-7, 320-2, 323-333, 341-50, 356-7, 360-66); "The Railroad" (WWIV 17-29 only).
Haven:    Fomoria's scout craft engage aircraft from Redfield Satrapy and Novy Finlandia.

Dec 5:    "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 178-180 only – expanded to BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 366-8, followed by 334-40, 350-5, 357-60); "The Railroad" (WWIV 29-45 only); "The Boatswain" (WWIV 127-134 only).
Haven:    Bombardment of Haven begins. Nuclear destruction of Castell City, Hell's-A-Comin', and Falkenberg (including the University). Other sites destroyed by beam weapons.
[Ft Fornova not nuked, despite WWIV 128-9.]

Dec 6-8:    "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 180-2 only – expanded to BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 369-376).
Haven:    Col. Kettler meets iwth Gen. Cummings at Fort Fornova. Bombardment continues for three days. Redfield Satrapy and Khanut nuked.
[Also WWBF 499.]

c. Dec 9-15:    "The Boatswain" (WWIV 134-140 only).
Haven:    Raft leaves Ellington. Around this time, Saurons begin ground actions in Shangri-La Valley and occupy the Citadel in Karakul Pass.

Dec 28-29:    "The Coming of the Eye" (WWI 183-213 only – expanded to BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 377-434).
Haven:    Fomoria downed. Citadel becomes new Sauron HQ. Galen Diettinger takes the title of "First Citizen".

Dec 29:    BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 435-440).
Haven:    Aftermath of the battle.

Dec 29?:    "Death's Head Patrol" prologue (WWII 84-86 – same as BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 440-2).
Haven:    Baron Hamilton refuses to join the resistance.

Dec 29:    "A Better Kind of War" (WWIV 53-54 only – same as BATTLE OF SAURON pp. 443-4).
Haven:    Cyborg Rank Koln surveys the Shangri-La Valley.

Dec 29-30:    "A Better Kind of War" (WWIV 54-64 only).
Haven:    Staff meeting.

Jan to around Aug:    "The Boatswain" (WWIV 140-162 only).
Haven:    Raft navigates through Shangri-La Valley.

Early Jan:    "A Better Kind of War" prologue (WWIV 47-52).
Haven:    Cummings and Kettler coordinate Haven resistance.

c. Jan 20-30:    "A Better Kind of War" (WWIV 64-124 only).
Haven:    Cyborgs Koln and Sargun confer. Attack on Russian village.

Feb 9-11:    "Death's Head Patrol" (WWII 87-99 only).
Haven:    Cummings uses his last nuke on Sauron Firebase One. His militia retakes Fort Kursk. Saurons nuke Fort Kursk.

Mid and Late Feb:    "Death's Head Patrol" (WWII 99-139 only).
Haven:    John Hamilton joins militia. Sorties against Boyle and Sargun's troops. Cyborg Revolt at the Citadel.
[Not many details about revolt. Also see WWBF 119; WWBV 341.]

Late Feb:    "The Gift of the Magi" (WWIV 198, 200-4, 205-9 only).
Haven:    Ayesha survivors land on Haven. They soon find Castalia. After another year passes, they will begin covertly supplying helpful technologies to outlying communities.
[Also see WWIV 199.]

Oct 2641 to Feb 2642
Haven:    The first winter after the Sauron Invasion, 5.5 million of Haven's 20 million people starve, mostly in the Shangri-La Valley.
[WWII 144; WWIV 15.]

c 2643
"The Great Beer Shortage" prologue and story (WWI 214-226).
Haven:    Sauron discipline begins to erode.

May 2643 to Oct 2643
Haven:    The second winter after the Sauron Invasion, the exodus from the Shangri-La Valley to the steppes causes a massive displacement of peoples. By the end of this winter, Haven population is around 6 million.
[WWII 144; WWI 260; WWIV 173, 293. See Haven Ambiguities for problems with the Haven year and seasons.]

c 2643
"Strong Blood" prologue (WWII 140-141).
Haven:    Exiles from Castell City try to survive.

c. Aug 2643 to c. July 2645
"Strong Blood" (WWII 142-165).
Haven:    Exiles near the North Sea try to survive.

"Necessity" (WWI 237-277).
Haven:    Piet van Reenan's band of Ivrit and New Vilnius refugees ally with Ruth Boazdaughter and conquer the Eden Valley. The three peoples merge into the haBandari.
[Also WWIV 289-290; WWII 368.]

Early 2645
"The Gift of the Magi" prologue (WWIV 163-8); "The Gift of the Magi" (WWIV 169-179, 188-9, 198-200, 203-5, 209-213 only).
Haven:    Sauron scouts and two travellers reach vicinity of Castalia.

77th Division (Land Gators) split up. 1st Brigade added to Imperial Household Troops on Sparta. 2nd Brigage sent to pacify former Secessionist worlds.    [WWI 54]

Late 2645
"The Gates of Paradise" (WWIII 11-79).
Haven:    Construction begins on a wall to seal off the Gates of Paradise. (Wall is not completed until 2800, per WWBF 121!)
[Third summer after the invasion. See Haven Ambiguities for problems with the Haven year and seasons.]


The early Secession Wars, from 2603 to 2640, were devastating, yet the villainy of the Saurons also roused a unifying battle spirit within the core of the Empire. After the fall of Sauron, this ended, and the First Empire of Man quickly fell apart.

Second Empire historians will later assign the date of "2640" to the end of the First Empire, but Sparta still claims a small dominion well past this point. The core of the Empire – Sparta, St Ekaterina, Crucis, Dayan (now "Dyan"), Tanith, Frystaat – is still theoretically united in the late 27th Century, but fewer and fewer ships actually travel between star systems. [Timelines; WWI 361-2, WWII 1, 169, 182, 196, 219, 224, 229; WWBF 1]

The later wars, from 2640 to around 2800, are no longer conflicts spanning human space. Most of them are more localized battles between planets trying to secede and planets loyal to the nearly powerless "Empire of Man". Interstellar trade had broken down almost completely. Terry Kakumee's small ship has few competitors when trading from planet to planet, but must avoid the regions controlled by the "Outies". (Kakumee doesn't even know if his ancestral home Nuliajuk is still in the Empire!) There is peace near Frystaat in the 2670's (indeed, its government believes the wars are over). [WWII 182, 196, 219, 224, 226, 229]

Most of the former Empire worlds are entering "dark ages", or even collapsing all the way back to barbarism. This is due to the damage sustained during the wars and the lack of supply shipments from more advanced worlds. Local conflicts and civil wars are widespread. [WWIV 295]

Earth itself was involved in the Secession Wars, and injuries to man's homeworld from these wars are heaped on top of the destruction of the Formation Wars. Most of Earth is ruined and uninhabitable after this era, though a few places (including Jamaica and the Tyrolean Alps) have survived undamaged. [Mote 254, 275; KDS 27, 61; WWBF 408; WWBV 156]

The fate of the planet Sauron is uncertain. The destruction during the Battle of Sauron is portrayed as rendering it completely uninhabitable; Imperial scholars sift through the ruins in the 2640's [WWII 2, 220; WWI 145, 150-1; WWIV 323; WWBF 1]. But there are Sauron natives in the 31st Century who seem to be descended from the original inhabitants [Mote 31; Hand 193; also see WWIII timeline].

On Haven, the descendants of the last Sauron warship have made themselves rulers of the native population. But Haven is completely cut off from the rest of human space, and will remain so at least until the late 31st Century.

c 2654
Haven:    Sauron scouts reach the Eden Valley and are slain.    [WWIV 319]

Phoenix:    Terry Kakumee's crew prevent a planet-wide famine.    [WWII 173]

c 2655
Terry Kakumee's crew discovers an abandoned Sauron ship, the Morningstar, being used as a beacon near flare star EST 1310.
[WWII 177-8, 193, 213]

"Brenda" (WWII 168-170, 172-6, 177-8, 182-4, 187-190, 194-9, 201-219 only).
Tanith:    Terry Kakumee returns to Tanith and visits Brenda Curtis.
[Also Hand 300.]

Second Battle Off Makassar. This is probably the time when the fortifications on Makassar are destroyed. Most of the sole city (later "Batav") is wrecked, but the library is only slightly damaged. The Loyalist fleet flees the Makassar system and relocates to Prince Samual's World.
[KDS timeline, 64, 168; Mote 29]

2650's or 2660's
"A Little Beastliness" prologue and story (WWIV 215-256).
Haven:    Saurons confront Orfanians near the Vale of Refuge.

c 2668 ?
"Some Things Survive" (first half of prologue: WWII 220-1 only).
Sauron-hunter Harvey [or Henry?] Blaine Barton discovers a record of the Fomoria's escape.

"Some Things Survive" (WWII 224-240 only).
Frystaat:    The Fledermaus is sent out to search for Sauron survivors.

"Some Things Survive" (WWII 240-260 only).
The Fledermaus reaches Haven. Founding of Acropolis.

"Those Who Lose" (story, then prologue: WWIV 263-282, 257-261).
Haven:    Sauron massacre in Tallinn Town.

(Quilland Base is established about this time, per WWIII 271. Angband Base is already in use, according to WWIV 259, but it must still be under construction, since it will still be unfinished in 2674 per WWIV 283, 291.)

"Down the Rabid Hole" (WWD 384-387 only).
Haven:    The humans of Rabid Hole City have now spread to many other holes on the Eastern Continent, but have not made any contact with the Western Continent where the Shangri-La Valley is located.

2670's ?
"Discovery" (WWI 361-362).
Harvey [or Henry?] Blaine Barton continues to advocate a full-scale hunt for Saurons. (He seems to be somehow misinterpreting Bar Lev's account of genetic experiments on Haven in the 2080's.)
[This story is the earliest mention of Crucis as an inhabited planet, though a "Crucis Sector HQ" is mentioned in the 2100's. The "Marquis of Crucis" mentioned here must be one of the first; Blaine's father in 3017 and 3046 is only the eleventh Marquis. However, some aspects of this story suggest a Second Empire date; see Haven Ambiguities.]

"Kings Who Die" prologue and story (WWIV 283-333).
Haven:    Saurons threaten the haBandari in the Eden Valley. Piet van Reenan makes his last stand.

Mid 2670's ?
"No Such Thing as a Non-Lethal Weapon" (WWII 262-274).
Haven:    The Cummings Brigade defends Millvale.

Around the Late 2670's
Haven:    The major figures during the Sauron Invasion pass away. Galen and Althene Diettinger's son becomes First Citizen.

(A variety of quotes from these figures are strewn through the War World books. See WWII 261, 275, 349-350; WWIII 167, 174, 205-6.)

Battle of Prince Samual's World.. Secessionist victory. Loyalist officers purged.
[KDS timeline]

Secessionists briefly occupy Prince Samual's World.
[KDS timeline]

Mid 2680's ?
"Loved Not I Honor More" (WWII 276-290).
Haven:    Galen Diettinger's son dies in a landslide. Galen's grandson, Hel Diettinger, becomes First Citizen. He takes Silva, a Haven native, as his wife.
[Silva's father was born in 2611 but is still spry, suggesting an upper bound to the date.]

(Hel Diettinger is the last to hold the title of "First Citizen". A "First Soldier" Diettinger will be mentioned in 2708; this is very possibly Hel himself. As late as 2993 there is an "Acting First Citizen" Ansel Diettinger. See WWIII 86, WWBF 491, WWBV 143.)

A Loyalist coup overthrows the Secessionist rule on Prince Samual's World.
[KDS timeline]

"Maitreya and the Cyborg" (WWIII 82-115).
Haven:    Cyborg Hammer, last member of the Fomoria's original crew, visits a Buddhist settlement.

Prince Samual's World bombarded from space (presumably by Secessionists). Collapse of high-energy civilization on this planet, though few areas revert to barbarism.
[KDS timeline, 5]

Imperial starship visits Prince Samual's World and evacuates most of the aristocratic families and Imperial civil servants. (No more ships will visit Prince Samual's World for nearly three centuries.)
[KDS timeline, 17, 155]

Prince Samual's World:    No knowledge of advanced physics or technology remains. Prince Samual University founded to collect and preserve remaining knowledge.
[KDS timeline]

From 2748 to 2770
Prince Samual's World:    Various nations and city-states battle for possession of the University. Local townsmen defend the University from annexation.
[KDS timeline]

From c. 2748 to c. 2768
"Building a Pillar" (WWIII 117-132).
Haven:    Acropolis succeeds in growing coffee. Contact between Acropolis and Novy Finlandia.

Prince Samual's World:    Independence of the University guaranteed by treaty. A coalition of nearby city-states guarantee the University protection.
[KDS timeline, 51, 288]

War between Levant and Dyan. Both planets suffer massive damage.
[Hand timeline says "Dion", but this presumably refers to the planet known as "Dayan" in the 21st Century and "Dyan" in the 31st; see Hand 140, 147. The name "Dion" does not appear elsewhere.]

Prince Samual's World:    First Plague Year.
[KDS timeline, 288]

2790's **
Haven:    Major Sauron campaign on Haven. Around this time, Khanut Base is built at the outlet of the Xanadu River.

This will be the last "Grand Muster" of Saurons for two hundred years. After this point, the Citadel begins to lose control of distant groups of Saurons, including those in Angband Base and Quilland Base.
[WWBF 121, 499; WWBV 341; WWIII 272. For dates between the 2790's and the 2990's marked with asterisks, see Blood Feuds / Blood Vengeance Ambiguities.]

2700's and 2800's
Makassar:    Civilization has completely collapsed. Roving bands of raiders prey on those areas still practicing agriculture. The priests in Batav begin to teach that the former Imperial Library is a holy temple. By 2900, the Temple cult is nearly universal in the coastal cities.
[KDS 65, 168]


By the year 2800, the wars have ended. (Although Second Empire historians will give "2870" as the official end of the Secession Wars, the only interplanetary war mentioned between 2800 and 2870 is between New Scotland and New Ireland, two planets in the same star system.)

The collapse of interstellar civilization is now complete. Sparta manages to keep in contact with a few nearby systems, including Crucis, but for the most part interstellar communication has ended. Although the former Imperial fleet succeeded in defending Sparta during the Secession Wars, it was wiped out in the process. [Timelines, "Reflex" 17; "Motelight" 118-9]

At some unspecified point, the Spartan monarch apparently drops the now-pretentious title of "Emperor of Man". It may even be that the monarchy itself is abandoned for a while, though Lysander's bloodline is not lost.

2810 to c. 2910
Prince Samual's World:    The "Hundred Year War". This begins as a religious war. By the turn of the century, religious fervor dies down and the rediscovery of gunpowder puts an end to the war.
[KDS 66, 168-9. KDS timeline calls this the "First" Hundred Year War, but there was no "second" such war.]

Haven:    Angband Base and Quilland Base cooperate in a raid on the Eden Valley.    [WWBF 212]

c 2820
Beginning of fifty years of war between New Scotland and New Ireland.    [Mote 88]

From c. 2840 to 2852
"Tribute Maidens" (WWI 280-309).
Haven:    Saurons continue to levy tribute maidens from Haven natives, inciting a costly vengeance.
[Also WWBF 298.]

Summer 2862
"Motelight" (pp. 114-121 only).
New Scotland:    Attacks from New Ireland continue. Thaddeus Potter notices coherent blue-green light from the Mote.
[Also Mote 87-88, timeline.]

Prince Samual's World:    Kingdom of Haven begins its slow expansion.
[KDS timeline]

"Motelight" (p. 121 only).
Interstellar ship Ley Crater reaches New Caledonia system. She helps New Scotland conquer New Ireland, but is wrecked in the battle.
[Also Mote 88, timeline. This is technically the last battle of the Secession Wars; see notes above.]

"Motelight" (pp. 121-122 only).
New Scotland:    Howard Grote Littlemead decides that the Mote really is the Eye of God. He founds the "Church of Him". By 2895 this church is widespread in rural areas; in the 2890's, the Mote is brighter than Murcheson's Eye.
[Also Mote 77, 88, timeline.]

c 2890**
Haven:    Wall across the Gates of Paradise is brought down by an earthquake. Saurons do not even attempt to rebuild it.    [WWBF 131]

Haven:    Last shipment of supplies from the Citadel to Angband Base. Saurons near the Pale now completely independent of the Citadel.    [WWBF 5]

2890's ?
Levant:    Bury's grandfather and other Levantines found the "Arab Liberation Organization". It establishes connections to other Muslim planets. New Chicago is contacted as a possible source of ships.    [Hand 139]

"Motelight" (pp. 122-123 only).
New Scotland:    Light from the Mote goes out. Church of Him begins a rapid decline.
[Also Mote 90, timeline. "2904" on Mote 77.]

The Second Empire of Man is established. The Spartan monarch Leonidas IV, a direct descendant of Lysander the Great, is crowned "Emperor of Man". The "Oath of Reunion" is sworn by the leaders of Sparta, Crucis, and an unknown number of other nearby worlds (probably St Ekaterina is one). To prevent future interstellar war, the new Empire vows to reunite all human colonies, by force if necessary.
[Timelines; KDS 6, 184; "Reflex" 18; Hand 96]

2915 to c. 2965
Prince Samual's World:    The "Fifty Year War". Consolidation of small city-states into larger nations. This is probably the time that the Kingdom of Haven (under King John) becomes the largest nation on the Northern Continent. Republic of Orleans foils Haven's attempts at total conquest.
[KDS timeline, 160]

"Aegir's Children" prologue (WWIII 134 only).
Haven:    The Citadel sends a Sauron expedition to the outer islands.

Late 2910's
"Aegir's Children" (WWIII 135-166).
Haven:    Sauron "naval forces" make an attack on the island peoples.

Prince Samual's World:    Second Plague Year.
[KDS timeline]

"Shame and Honor" prologue (WWIII 268-269).
Haven:    Grishnak killed in an attack on the haBandari.

Haven:    Myner Klint bar Terborch fan Reenan writes A Student's Book.

(A variety of quotes from this text are given. See WWIII 1, 8, 81, 116.)

Levant:    Birth of Hussein Chamoun al-Shamlan Bury (later "Horace Bury").
[Mote 14; Hand 28]

By the 2930's
Dyan (formerly "Dayan") admitted to the Second Empire.
[Before admission of Levant, per Hand 140]

Spacefarers from Maxroy's Purchase locate a new or forgotten periodic jump point to New Utah.
[Hand 15, 50]

2930's ?
The Empire rediscovers Placentia, a planet which has become primitive. The Church and the Empire offer medicine, industry, and agricultural knowledge to Placentia, but only the medicine is accepted. Within fifty years a massive famine follows.    [KDS 71]

c 2939*
"Ceremonies at the Last Bar in the Village" (WWIII 168-173).
Haven:    Badri, a tribute maiden, is given to Sauron Chief Assault Leader Dagor.
[Shortly before "Blood Feuds", since Badri is around fourteen in 2940. For dates between the 2790's and the 2990's marked with asterisks, see Blood Feuds / Blood Vengeance Ambiguities.]

Haven:    Twins born to Dagor and Badri. Kisirja of the tribe of Dede Korkut and Dvora bat Lizabet of the haBandari find two babies on the steppe near Angband Base.
[Expanded version of "The Field of Double Sowing" and "Far Above Rubies", WWII 293-299 and 351-362.]

New Chicago admitted to the Second Empire. It is one of the earliest worlds to join the Empire, and almost certainly the first in the Trans-Coalsack region.
[Mote 4; "Reflex" 18]

Between 2939 and 2941
Levant admitted to the Second Empire.
[Bury age 10: Mote 14; Hand 140]

Early 2940's **
Haven:    The haBandari begin construction of the Xanadu Road.    [WWBV 18]

From 2955 to 2957 *
Haven:    Juchi slays Dagor. Chaya meets Badri and Juchi. Dede Korkut dies. The haBandari and the clan of Juchi attack Angband Base.
[Expanded version of WWII 299-329, 362-392.]

Huy Brasil:    Horace Bury attacked as a result of some business or political machinations.    [Hand 113]

From 2958 to c. 2963 *
WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 5 (pp. 83-94 only).
Haven:    Aisha born. Kisirja and Dvora die. The clans of Juchi and Suleiman do battle. Dagor II born.
[Expanded version of WWII 329-336, 393-4.]

Late 2960's
Second Empire reaches New Caledonia system. New Scotland freely joins the Empire. New Ireland joins after being bombarded by the INSS Terrible. New Scotland is made the Trans-Coalsack Sector Capital (although New Chicago remains the hub of trade in this sector).
[Mote 4, 34; Hand 151]

WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 5 (pp. 94-108 only).
Haven:    Tragedy revealed. Aisha leads the blind man away.
[Expanded version of WWII 336-348, 392-398.]

c 2972
Prince Samual's World:    Nathan MacKinnie born in the city-state of Samand.
[KDS 10-11: fifty Samual years before 3017.]

2970's ?
The future 11th Marquis of Crucis (Rod Blaine's father) spends time in the Navy. As a lieutenant, he associates with marine Arkley Kelley and navy officer (?) Benjamin Bright Fowler. Eventually he is promoted to command rank, and serves as V. R. G. Plekhanov's commanding officer in a campaign on Tanith.
[Mote 8, 454. Ben Fowler was born in 2938 per Mote 449; Kelley is stated to be the same age, though this is hard to believe.]

2976 ? **
"Tayok's Base" (WWII 399-403).
Haven:    Saurons from Quilland Base visit the ruined and deserted Angband, and leave boobytrapped weapons.
[For the dates of this story and the Aydin War, see Blood Feuds / Blood Vengeance Ambiguities.]

2976/77 ? **
Haven:    The "Aydin War". Dede Korkut's nephew Kaidan allies with the Suleiman and Aydin clans. They raid Angband Base; many are killed by the boobytraps. Tarik allies with the haBandari. Hammer-of-God Jackson kills Kaidan and the Aydin khan.
[WWBF 198, 211, 227, 248; WWIII 318]

c 2983
Dionysius:    Kevin Renner born.
[Mote 47, Hand 335]

2980's ?
Widespread famine on Placentia. The Emperor's sister leads a futile relief effort.
[KDS 71: when Greenaugh was midshipman]

2980's ? **
"War World Economics" (WWIII 2-7).
Haven:    Josepha bat Golda's caravan trades with steppe-dwellers.
[Probably before Blood Feuds ch. 7, but date is unknown.]

Prince Samual's World:    The Kingdom of Haven renews its attempts to bring all of Prince Samual's World under its rule. Haven, Orleans, Samand, and the other states on Samual's northern continent benefit from the University's rediscovery of some old technology such as electric power, telegraphs, and firearms. (This era includes the "Theberian War" and the time when the Rights of Parliament are won from King David's father.)
[KDS timeline, 38, 159-160]

Late 2991**
Haven:    Juchi and Aisha reach Nûrnen. Death of Juchi and Glorund.
[Expanded version of "Juchi the Accursed", WWIII 176-204.]

WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 7-9 (pp. 148-209 only).
Haven:    Sigrid leaves the Citadel and begins to roam. Aisha found on the steppe by Barak bar Heber and Josepha bat Golda. Hammer-of-God Jackson tells of the haBandari alliance with the Sons of Liberty and the New Soviet Men.
[Much-expanded version of "Seven Against Nûrnen", WWIII 207-228.]

Early 2992**
WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 9-11 (pp. 209-267 only).
Haven:    Aisha's caravan reaches the Eden Valley. Mordekai bar Pretorius fan Reenan, leader of the haBandari, dies. His would-be successors turn to intrigue and violence. The Seven leave the Eden Valley.
[Much-expanded version of WWIII 228-267.]

Mid 2992**
WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 12-13 (pp. 268-315 only).
Haven:    Sigrid reaches Katlinsvale. Sharku hears of the Seven.

Late 2992**
WAR WORLD: BLOOD FEUDS, Ch 13-16 (pp. 315-401 only).
Haven:    Temujin captured. Shulamit and Karl meet Sigrid. The Seven rally the clans of the Northern Steppes.

c 2992
Prince Samual's World:    Samand is annexed by the Kingdom of Haven. Nathan MacKinnie's graduation from Samand's War Academy is cancelled.
[KDS 10-11 doesn't name Haven as the conqueror, but this is suggested by the map in some editions of KDS.]

Crucis (probably):    Roderick Harold born; he is second of at least three sons of the 11th Marquis of Crucis.
[Mote 3, 486]

Early 2993**
Haven:    The New Soviet Men and the Sons of Liberty lead a revolt in the Shangri-La Valley. The Army of the Seven overruns a small band of Saurons.

Haven:    Shulamit learns the truth about Sigrid.

Mid 2993**
Haven:    Sharku leads the Sauron attack in the Shangi-La Valley. The Army of the Seven enters the Valley through the Gates of Paradise and sacks Nûrnen. Hammer-of-God leads a party through the tunnels above the Citadel. The Balrog defends the bridge. Sharku's army reaches Nûrnen.

Late 2993**
Haven:    Aisha and Sigrid give birth. Sharku defies Ansel Diettinger in the Council. Final attack and counter-attack. The Second Wasting of Haven.

Sandra "Sally" L. L. Bright Fowler born. After her parents' deaths, she will be raised by her uncle Benjamin Bright Fowler.
[Mote 18-19]

"Shame and Honor" (WWIII 270-356).
Haven:    Shulamit bat Miriam fan Gimbutas allies with a Sauron. Karl bar Yigal fan Reenan defends the Pale from an invasion.
[See Blood Feuds / Blood Vengeance Ambiguities for some continuity problems.]

c 3000
The planet Istvan resists the Empire and raises a sector-wide rebellion. Admiral Lavrenti Kutuzov concludes that only the annihilation of Istvan can stop the revolt from spreading. Five Imperial battleships under his command bombard Istvan and sterilize the planet.
[KDS 80-81; Mote 84, 92, 496-7. Hand 141-2 says Kutuzov was commanding the Lenin at the time. The date is uncertain. On Hand 131, Blaine estimates Kutuzov is around Bury's age (born 2929/30), but Mote 179 says that Cargill (who is Blaine's age) was a midshipman when Kutuzov was a Captain. If both these are true, Kutuzov was not promoted to Admiral until he was in his 80's! Presumably Blaine's estimate is wrong.]

Around 3000
Makassar:    Poor weather (resulting from the planet's eccentric orbit) has led to a variety of social dislocations. Barbarian and pirate raids intensify. The cult of the Library-Temple is now in disrepute. Only in the city of Batav does it still hold power. Widespread disbelief in the Temple doctrines. Also widespread disbelief in the claims that the world is round, that there are other worlds, and that humans are not native to Makassar.

Around this time, an Imperial ship arrives at Makassar and establishes a small outpost in Jikar. The planet is classified as "primitive"; the Imperials are unaware of the Library in Batav.
[KDS 6, 168-169; Mote 29]


The Second Empire of Man has spread through a large region of space, annexing (peacefully or otherwise) human colonies which were once part of the First Empire. Some of these worlds are actually being rediscovered, although it is hard to picture what kind of disaster in the Secession Wars would have annihilated every electronic and paper atlas on each of hundreds of worlds.

The capital is still on Sparta, although a much-devastated Earth is the "honorary capital". The Imperial Naval Academy is kept at New Annapolis on Earth, and by 3017 it is customary for the royal heir to spend some time in the Navy (KDS 27, 61; Mote 6, 108). The Imperial Seal features a crown-and-spaceship, an American eagle, and a hammer-and-sickle (Mote 6); this may be a deliberate attempt to claim a continuity with the CoDominium, since the Spartan flag was a crowned mountain (PS 378)and the First Empire's standard was a Phoenix (WWIII 319). (Of course, these latter two are from much later writings.)

The government has a variety of deliberating bodies. The multi-house Imperial Parliament has great powers; each Sector also has its own Parliament. The Imperial Council, Senate, and Assembly are also mentioned; these may be part of the Parliament (KDS 162, 350; Mote 75-6). The Imperial Traders Association has great influence over policy, but any defense-related policies are prerogatives of the Crown (KDS 32, 184-5; Mote 79). Aristocrats are given significant roles in the government; by now, the Collins, Blaine, and Townsend lines are over nine hundred years old. (Note, however, that the Blaines have only held the "Marquis of Crucis" title for eleven generations; see entry for "2670's".)

The Imperial Church is the official religion of the Empire; it is based at New Rome (which is probably on Sparta; Mote 415 implies it's a city, not a planet). The Church still finds uses for Latin, and seems similar in structure to the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Churches of the second millenium. [KDS 65-66; Mote 162, 405]

After Sparta, planets subject to the Empire are given various degrees of power:

By the late 2900's, only worlds which have space travel when contacted by the Empire are ranked Class Two or above. These rules were not so strict in the early 2900's. [KDS 27-8, 162, 308, 350; Mote 14]

A few planets outside of the Empire are advanced enough for space travel. In some cases, these planets are in contact with each other and are maintaining some degree of resistance to the Empire. In other cases, these worlds even forment rebellion on planets already annexed by the Empire. These "Outies" are the most significant military threat to the Empire in the era from 2903 to 3017. [KDS 82, 328; Mote 436, 455, 461, 504]

Technology is not quite as advanced as that of the First Empire, but is similar in most ways. In 3018, Dr. Horvath estimates that the Second Empire will pass the First in science and engineering by the year 3100, but this progress is radically altered by contact with the Mote.

In 3017, the Empire is at least 650 light-years in diameter. In 3029, it contains 200 worlds and has a diameter of around 1000 light-years. By 3046, the Blaine Institute has collected specimens from 400 Imperial worlds and 30 Outie worlds. (Also in 3046, Renner claims the Empire rules "1000 worlds", but this is perhaps an exaggeration.) [Mote prologue, 390, 458; Hand 73, 83]

Eleven-year-old Rod Blaine meets ten-year-old Sally Fowler.    [Mote 22]

From 3007 to 3016
Prince Samual's World:    Nathan MacKinnie, now a colonel for the Republic of Orleans, continually defeats the Kingdom of Haven's attempts to annext Orleans. His greatest victory is at the Battle of Blanthern Pass, which is near the end of this interval; Mary Graham's fiance is killed at that battle.
[KDS 10-11, 209; this lasts ten Samual years]

c 3010/11
Makassar:    Midshipman Rod Blaine is on a ship that visits Makassar.    [Mote 29]

Between 3012 and 3014
Makassar:    Midshipman (?) Alphonse Pavlovnicek Jefferson is on a ship that visits Makassar. Navy officers visit the city of Batav and recognize the "Temple" as an old Imperial library, but this find is not considered important.
[KDS 4, 6-8]

Between 3012 and 3016
George Blaine is killed. Rod Blaine becomes the heir to Crucis Court. (Rod also has a younger brother who dies at some point, and a sister who marries into the royal family.)
[Mote 11, 453, 456]

Sometime before 3017
Sparta:    Leonidas IX assumes the throne of the Second Empire of Man. (In his youth, he served on the Plataea under Plekhanov.)
[The Emperor is referred to as "Leonidas IX" at various points from early 3017 to mid-3018: Mote 75, 436, 464; KDS 82. His sons are Lysander and later Alexander. Dougal mistakenly refers to "Emperor Lysander" on KDS 161, in mid or late 3017. Note also that no Emperor is named in "Hand", but if Prince Aeneas is the Crown Prince then presumably there has been some royal death; see Hand 76.]

The Imperial Navy discovers Prince Samual's World. They do not announce themselves for three years.
[Date given in KDS timeline. From KDS alone, we might expect that 3013 is the beginning of Imperial contact with King David, but the "Mote" connections at the end of KDS make this contact three years later.]

Late 3014
Kevin Renner joins the Navy, becomes Sailing Master of the MacArthur under Capt. Bruno Cziller.
[Mote 47, 551]

Rod Blaine becomes Executive Officer of the MacArthur.
[Mote 409; Hand 158 suggests early 3016]

c 3015
Makassar:    The "King of the High Passes" is killed. Land route from Jikar to Batav overrun by barbarians.    [KDS 113]

Mid 3016
New Chicago:    Sally Fowler arrives on New Chicago, en route to Harlequin. A revolt breaks out. Sally and other aristocrats put in a concentration camp. New Chicago declares itself independent from the Empire. (The planet takes a new name, given variously as "Union", "the United Republic", "Dame Liberty", or "Freedom".)
["Reflex" 17-18; Mote 4, 15, 18-19; Hand 367. "3016" in timelines; counting from text gives middle of 3016.]

Mid or Late 3016
New Chicago:    Rebels prepare to defend their planet from the Empire. The Defiant, under Herb Colvin, assigned to guard a minor jump point in the New Chicago system.
["Reflex" 17: 24 weeks before battle]

Late 3016
Prince Samual's World:    The Imperial ship Tombaugh, commanded by Capt. Greenaugh, arrives at Prince Samual's World and publicly settles in Haven City. They establish some trade with King David II of Haven.
[KDS 25. Connections between KDS and "Mote" allow dating with accuracy within a few months. Note that Samualite teak and grua are being traded in the Empire by early 3017, per Mote 81, 285.]

Early 3017
Prince Samual's World:    Imperials ally with Kingdom of Haven and help them to conquer nearby states. Col. MacKinnie leads Orleans army and his "Wolves" to meet Haven at Battle of Lechfeld; Imperial firepower used to defeat his army. The Republic of Orleans is annexed by Haven and becomes the "Duchy of Orleans".
[KDS 11, 17, 25, 262-5]

Early 3017
New Chicago system:    The INSS MacArthur, under Bruno Cziller, enters the New Chicago system and battles the Defiant. Horst Staley brings his bomb on board. Cmdr. Rod Blaine becomes prize master of the Defiant.
[Also Mote 2, 141-2, 199; one week before "Mote" begins.]

New Chicago:    Rod Blaine lands with at least one company of Marines. Sally Fowler's prison camp liberated.
[Like "Reflex", this was a scene cut from "Mote"; it seems to never have been reprinted. Also Mote 6-8, 19-20.]

New Chicago:    Rod Blaine given MacArthur. Departure from New Chicago.

New Caledonia System:    The MacArthur refuels at Brigit and intercepts Crazy Eddie Probe. Political and religious arguments on New Scotland.

Mid 3017
The Imperial Navy allows the Kingdom of Haven on Prince Samual's World to send a trade expedition to Makassar, headed by Nathan MacKinnie. They sail north from Jikar.

Mid 3017
The Lenin and the MacArthur depart from the New Caledonia system. The ships dive into Murcheson's Eye.
[Hand timeline puts departure from New Scotland in 3017. Connections between Mote and KDS allow dates to be narrowed down to within a third of a year.]

The Mote System:    Ships arrive in Mote System. Rendezvous with Engineer. Ambassador ship arrives with Mediators.

Mid or Late 3017
Prince Samual's World:    Meeting in the forest.

Late 3017
The Mote System:    Ferrets. Scientists and Moties spend time at rendezvous point. Fumigation. MacArthur heads to Mote Prime while Lenin remains further out in system. A week spent in the Castle.
[The expedition stays at the mote for 10.5 months, but internal durations do not quite match this. See Mote Ambiguities for details on this problem. ]

Early 3018
Makassar:    Expedition reaches Batav. Disputes with the "Temple" cult. Campaigns in the countryside.

Early 3018
The Mote System:    Kaffee Klatsch. Struggle for the MacArthur. Midshipmen in the countryside. Lenin heads to the Crazy Eddie Point. Three Motie ambassadors received.

Second passage through Murcheson's Eye. Rod and Sally depart aboard the Hermes.

Early or Mid 3018
Prince Samual's World:    Meeting at Arindell's castle.

Mid 3018
New Scotland:    Rod and Sally meet with Senator Fowler. Commission formed. Politics, parades, plots. Orders to assemble a battle fleet.

Mid or Late 3018
New Scotland:    Plans for the Crazy Eddie Squadron complete. Plans for the Blaine Institute begin.

Late 3018
Prince Samual's World:    Crew of the Tombaugh learn of the Moties and the battle fleet being assembled off New Scotland. Makassar expedition returns.
[News of Moties and the battle fleet on KDS 295, 304.]

Early 3019
Prince Samual's World:    Lt. Jefferson invited to Corliss Grant Hills as an "official observer". Definitions debated.
[Fleet mentioned on KDS 328, 363 is presumably the Crazy Eddie Squadron.]

From 3019 to 3046
Kevin Renner and Horace Bury work in various capacities as agents for the Crown. They visit a huge number of planets, including Tabletop and Pierrot.
[Hand 136, 212, 387]

3019 to 3021
Imperial Autonetics begins to develop Motie coffee filter technology. After two years of research, Wideawake Enterprises releases a competing brand which soon surpasses theirs in sales.
[Hand 66-7]

Kevin Renner's What I Did on My Summer Vacation is published.    [Hand 74]

New Scotland:    Kevin Christian "Chris" Blaine born.
[Hand 104, 183]

Late 3020's ?
St Ekaterina:    Admiral Lavrenti Kutuzov retires. He begins to organize "Mankind First".    [Hand 131]

c 3027
New Ireland:    The small remnant of the New Irish independence movement attempts to assassinate Governor Smelev.    [Hand 153]

Late 3028
New Scotland:    Glenda Ruth Fowler Blaine born.    [Hand 129]

THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE, Epilogue (first part: pp. 556-558).
The Defiant, under Capt. Herb Colvin, finishes a three-year tour in the Crazy Eddie Squadron.
[Mote 557 puts this just after the birth of Blaine's "second heir", though that might suggest a second boy.]

3028/29 ?
THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE, Epilogue (second part: pp. 558-560).
New Scotland:    Charlie, Jock, and Ivan continue to work with the Blaine Institute scientists. Chris Blaine can speak some Motie language by now.
[See next entry for date.]

3029 ?
New Scotland:    Ivan dies.
[Hand 257 says Ivan "lasted six years", which would put his death in 3024. But Hand 258 also makes it clear that Ivan interacted with Chris, who was born 3024/5, and the Mote Epilogue has all three still living when there are two Blaine children. Since Glenda "never met Ivan at all", he presumably died while she was an infant.]

New Scotland:    Anthony Horvath speaks at the Blaine Institute.

The Blaine Institute is relocated from New Scotland to Sparta. Rod and Sally retire from the Imperial Commission Extraordinary For Negotiating With Aliens. Jock and Charlie accompany the Blaines to Sparta.
[Hand 80-1, 126, 258]

Jackson and Weiss drive Outie pirates from the Maxroy's Purchase system.
[Hand 18-19]

The C-L Worm is used on Charlie. She dies.    [Hand 93]

c 3040
"A Lion to the Sea" prologue and story (WWI 312-360).
Haven:    The Dinneh flee the Tierra del Muerto Desert. Pursued by Saurons, they reach the sea and encounter the Norskuna.
[This is the last War World story, fifty years after any others. See Haven Ambiguities for comments on the date.]

Mid 3046
THE GRIPPING HAND, Part 1, Ch 1-5.
Maxroy's Purchase:    Horace Bury investigates the flow of money. Kevin Renner hunts snow ghosts.

Late 3046
THE GRIPPING HAND, Part 2, Ch 1-6.
Sparta:    Visit to the Blaine Institute. Bury and Renner meet with Cziller and the Blaines. Sinbad departs for the Trans-Coalsack Sector.
["3046" on Hand 57. One month after Maxroy's Purchase per Hand 112. Although Bury and Renner often refer to "Mote" as either "25 years ago" or "30 years ago", the more precise "28 years" is given on Hand 136.]

Early 3047
New Caledonia System and New Ireland:    Rendezvous with Levantine ships. Visit to Derry.
[New Ireland calendar gives "Montenth 33, 3047" on Hand 151. Though it can't be far into 3047 by the standard calendar, it seems reasonable that it is at least early 3047 by now.]

New Scotland:    Meeting with the Commission on Moties.

THE GRIPPING HAND, Part 3, Ch 3-6.
The Sinbad leaves the New Caledonia system for the red dwarf MGC-R-31. Trip through Crazy Eddie's Sister. The Hecate takes a similar route shortly thereafter.

THE GRIPPING HAND, Part 3, Ch 7-8; Part 4, Ch 1-8.
The Mote System:    The Sinbad in the custody of Medina. The Hecate in the custody of the Crimean Tartars. More activity through the Sister. Stern Chase.

Late 3047
Inner Base Six:    Predictions and bequeathals.
[Hand 405, 408: seven months after entry to system, but Glenda Ruth is still 19; thus late 3047.]

April 27:
Murcheson's Eye explodes into a supernova. Massive radiation spreads outward. Core of the star collapses into a black hole.
[Mote 279 – assuming the Motie astronomers are right!]

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